2016 Annual Parent Survey

Your feedback and how we have responded...

Thank you for completing our annual Parent Survey during the summer of 2016.  We were delighted that you had so much feedback for us, and this gave the Governing Body and our new Headteacher, plenty to work on during the 2016/17 academic year.  Listed below are the comments we received in the survey, along with some of the things we've been doing in response to your feedback.  


The 2017 Parent Survey was completed by parents during July and August.  Governors are still considering the results and these will be discussed at our next governing body meeting. As we respond to your feedback, we will add further details below.  


You said


We did



"In maths and english, i would like to see homework set on a weekly

basis. This will enable the parent to understand how their child is

progressing and seek support from the teacher. For example, if they

are practising a certain timetables this can be practised at home too

in conjunction with their learning in school."


"Homework should be consistent and not just spellings. My daughter

is in newstead class and has only had spellings and grammar

worksheets, sometimes she gets them, sometimes she doesn't."


The Homework policy has been revised during 2016-17, and this clearly sets out the school’s ethos and expectations, with consistent guidelines on appropriate levels and types of homework for each year group. 


Governors were keen to ensure that parents were consulted on this policy and feedback was sought from parents before the policy was finalised.  This feedback showed that parents were supportive of our approach and felt we had got the balance right, giving children opportunities to advance their learning without adversely impacting on their family time.


The new Homework policy is available to download from the website.

Marking & Feedback

"When she does complete the homework there is never any

feedback. Often the work sheets are too easy and she has no

motivation to complete them. Perhaps rather than sheets, there

should be a book where different tasks are set, then we can monitor

how much homework is set and also see the feedback given."


In 2016/17, we introduced a new Marking, Feedback and Response policy which is available to download from the website.  This explains how we provide quality feedback to children. 


Homework is used to either assess previous learning or act as a way of assessing what needs to be taught at the start of a new block of learning.  All work will be at least acknowledged.

Parents & children working together

"Having attended art and craft parents sessions I feel

that these were a good way to support my child and help with their



"If the "Big writes" continue can you consider different days not just

a Friday, if it's the same day throughout the year this doesn't benefit

parents who work on a Friday."

We are always keen to find opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s learning and we know that children love to work alongside their parents in the classroom.


We have held the following activities for parents to work alongside their children this year:


- Maths morning,

- Reading morning,

- Divali morning,

- Craft morning,

- Arts week.


We are conscious that not all parents will be able to make all the events and we try to vary the timing in the hope that parents feel able to attend at least one event during the year.



"We feel that the standard of school uniform appears to be

somewhat inconsistent. Lots of children seem to wear items of

clothing that are not on the school uniform policy, in particular

inappropriate footwear. There also seems to be lots of different

variations of t-shirts, jumpers/cardigans and as such the pupils do

not look smart or part of one community."


We agree with this comment and it is currently being addressed.


Parents have been given notice about streamlining of uniform options to give a greater consistency. 


We hope this will help our children look smarter and part of a more unified school community and we should see these changes take effect in 17-18. 

Trips & Visits

"Also think more school trips or visits would add to my childs learning and school experience."

We agree that trips and visits play a vital role in our children’s education and have sought to offer a comprehensive and varied programme for all year groups.   During 2016-17, the following trips, visits and visitors have taken place:


- Sherwood Forest,

- Magna,

- the local church,

- Kingswood Activity Centre (residential),

- the local recycling centre,

- M&M Christmas pantomime,

- Author visit,

- Magician visit,

- YMCA climbing wall and archery visit,

- Fire engine visit,


During 2017-18, each year group is aiming to undertake one big visit, one local visit and one visitor into school in addition to the whole school visiting the panto, a residential for Year 3 and a proposed residential for September 2018 for Year 5 & 6.  In addition, the school will be looking into whole school experiences and local visits to different places of worship.



"Playground needs to be made a bit better!"


"Nursery climbing frame and shed need replacing."


"Few more permanent activity/play equipment on large playground."


The Early Years playground will be benefitting from new equimpment in June 2017. 


We will be bidding for £10,000 National Lottery Funding for the academic year 2018-19 in order to replace and improve some equipment. 


We have invested, using funds raised through our PTA, in a variety of equipment for the large playground that children can use, including balls, parachute, table tennis table, skipping ropes, hoops and ribbons.


School Dinners

"More variety of food for kids as not allKids like that meal on the menu and if they want to bring pack lunch

should be aloud."

The new school menu has been chosen by the cook and her team based on those meals that are most popular with the children.  In addition, there will be one meal a week where there is a starter rather than a desert, a salad accompaniment and fruit is always available. 


We are unable to offer a choice menu as our numbers are not high enough to sustain real choice.


We ask that all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children have universal free school meals as it promotes healthy eating, allows them to socialise and eat together and encourages them to try new things as their friends do too.



"Better communication in some areas"

We recognise that good home-school communication is vital. 


Our main communication with parents as a whole is through the school newsletter, which has been produced and distributed weekly during 2016/17.  (In addition, downloadable copies of the all the weekly newsletters are on the website.)


Letters regarding trips and other year group or class specific activies are sent out and copies of all letters home are placed on the website.


Teachers regularly update their class pages on the website and the news section contains up-to-date news on activities and achievements that have happened in school.


In addition, Marvellous Me is used as a communication platform and gives parents positive news about their child’s achievement.


We use text messages for urgent communications and parentmail emails are used for other messages.

The children’s home/school diary contains school information and can be used to send messages to school.


Finally, nothing beats face to face communication and we would urge you to speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance if you have any concerns.  They will be more than happy to speak with you.



"Also the school planners are useless, they are only used to record

how many reads are done at home. They should be full of useful

information, facts and pictures, children should want to take pride

in their planners."


The planners have been updated for 2016-17 and modified again for 2017-18.  They include useful pages for grammar, spelling, maths and school polices.


By using the planners for stickers, targets, reading and homework, we have raised the profile of the importance

of having the planner in school every day. 


The planners are also use for passing important messages to and from school.


Rewarding children

"I feel more rewards should be given for attendance and punctuality,

there are very few rewards for children who are actually doing well

in school. My daughter receives certificates from her teacher,

however the last few times she has had to write them out herself,

how is this a celebration of good work if she is writing them herself?"

We accept that the best way to encourage good behaviour is for children to know that their good behaviour will be recognised and rewarded.  This is an integral part of the school's Behaviour policy which has been re-written in 2016/17.  A copy of the Behaviour policy is available to download from the website.


We have improved the amount of rewards we give at school, these include:

  • The introduction of Marvellous Me – badges and virtual postcards sent home
  • Bronze, silver and gold awards for consistently good behaviour
  • Star awards where children are praised and have their star put on the wall of the headteacher’s office
  • Star Writer awards
  • Star Mathematician award
  • Star of the Week award
  • Attendance awards for 95%, 98% and 100% attendance per half term


We are presently reviewing this for the next academic year

Assessment & Progress

"Communicate more about test results, incidents etc through the

school planner."






"I worry that my daughter isn't being challenged enough and her

progress may be suffering"

Children are assessed regularly throughout the school year and the reports will give the stage that they are working at, alongside their progress by the end of the year.

Parents are told where their children are working at during parents’ evenings in October and March.

Staff have used the planner to send home messages but will phone for particular incidents if required.


The progress of higher attaining children is a focus for the school and has been monitored and developed closely this year. Our evidence shows that those pupils are catered for and are increasingly challenged and their rates of progress have increased.  This will continue to be a focus for the school in the coming academic year. 


Wrap around care

"I think wrap around care would be a great assett."


Wrap around care is available through Cherubs Day Nursery.  We’ve worked hard to ensure that there are clubs on after school until 4.15 pm to give parents some flexibility.


Staff Absence

Staffing issues are a major problem and I feel the children particularly in Wollaton have been let down by the school tremendously.

We recognise that many children were impacted by staff absences in 2015-16, most notably our Year 6 children who, at the same time, were facing a new and challenging set of end of year tests.  These issues were addressed and children benefited from a greater stability during 2016/17. 


After school clubs and activities:

What kind of after school activities would you like to see for your child?

Dance classes


Life skills eg baking

Homework club

Sports related.

Linked with local clubs, ie scouts, brownies.

Sports clubs, music clubs and art clubs

Learn to play a musical instrument. A choir.

Sports activities, arts and crafts.

Just any after school clubs as there is nothing really for 5 year olds


Something other than just sport, perhaps creative club that offers

many different aspects such as music, art and creative writing. Give

children opportunities to learn new things that perhaps the

curriculum doesn't have time for in class.

Dance, sports, music

Get the children involved in schemes to help the local community,

teach them citizenship.





Circuit training

Music tuition

Physical activities

History/local studies

Football club for all ages

We strive to ensure that our children have access to a wide range of enrichment activities after school. Responses to the survey showed us that you had a lot of good ideas for the types of clubs you would like to see offered and we have aimed to deliver a good range, covering many of the areas you identified.   This has been a combination of those delivered by staff and others by external providers.


We have also responded to concerns from parents who did not want to come back for siblings following a 3.15pm pick up. We are addressed this by trying to ensure that

there is the opportunity for all children to attend at least one club, every night. Therefore, parents could allow all their children to attend a club and pick up at 4.15 pm.


We are encouraging commitment to clubs, if they have signed up for an after-school club, it is expected that they complete the number of sessions they have signed up for. We thank all the staff, who volunteer to give up their own time, to run many of these clubs.


The clubs offered throughout the year have been as follows:

Art and Craft Club Y3-6

Choir Y3-6

Computer Coding Club Y3-6

Cooking Club Y1-6

Dance Club Y3-6

Fishing club Y3-6

Football Y3-6

Journalism Y3-6

Judo Y3-6

Language Club Y3-6

Multi-Skills Y1-3

Netball Y3-6

Reading Club R-Y2

Gymnastics R-Y2

Hockey Y1-Y6

Basketball Y3-6

Tag Rugby Y4-6

School Council R-Y6(lunchtimes)

Craft Club (Y1-6)

Film Club (YR-6)


To enable us to keep these clubs going, we would ask that once your child has signed up for a club, they keep attending every week.   


What do you think are some of the problems that parents might face in getting their children to school on time every day?
  • Work commitments and the drop off of siblings.
  • There should be no reason for lateness to school and parents should be challenged if this is an ongoing issue.
  • Children may be sent to bed too late and therefore wake later in the morning. Also, parents may be running late and have no urgency to get their child to school on time.
  • There is no punishment for being late.
  • I don't think it should be a problem getting your child to school on time every day unless there is exceptional circumstances such as illness.
  • It always seems to be the same people who are late so maybe this needs addressing with those individuals including the Cherubs breakfast club.
  • A upset child that doesn't want to go school.
  • Traffic and weather conditions
  • Timing, more than one child, being on your own
  • Although this does not apply in my case, it can be difficult to arrive on time if the family are using public transport
  • Personally I have never encountered issues getting my child to school punctually.
  • Own child's attitude/motivation
  • Traffic
  • Habit
  • Traffic congestion
  • Discipline
  • Motivation
  • Value given to education

We included questions regarding attendance and punctuality because it is was one of the key issues for school improvement going in to 2016-17.


We do take this issue seriously and we were encouraged by the survey responses from those parents who, like us, want to see improvements in this area.


We do recognise that there are many possible reasons for absence/lateness as you identified within the survey responses, and we try to work with parents to find a solution/remove any barriers to attendance/punctuality.


We have stepped up our efforts to improve attendance and punctuality this academic year, through a combination of strategies:

  1. We have changed the morning routine and putting great emphasis on the importance of getting children to school on time, as we recognise that children will not make progress if they are not in school.
  2. We have deployed a member of staff to liaise with families over attendance and punctuality issues on a daily basis.
  3. We have chosen to take a much harder line and do challenge parents who do not bring their child to school, or arrive late, without good reason. 


We have seen a change in attitudes towards lateness and there has been an improvement.  We continue to work with a small number of families with persistent absence/punctuality problems.


Do you have any suggestions regarding & how the school can improve attendance and punctuality?


  • Offer before and after school clubs
  • Rewards for children with good attendance and punctuality
  • Emphasising importance of education.
  • Recognising and rewarding good punctuality and attendance would
  • be nice. Our child has only missed one day of school all year and to
  • our knowledge this has not been recognised. Half termly prize draws
  • for attendance and punctuality would be a good idea. Maybe a ticket in the draw for every week of 100% attendance and punctuality could work.
  • Have a reward for a child who has 100% attendance and arrives each day on time. I know of a school were a child won a bike!
  • When kids are poorly in school they need to be sent home as keeping them all day till end of school just spreads the germs around the class.


We agree strongly that reward and recognition reinforces positive behaviour and is a vital part of any strategy to improving attendance & punctuality. 


We also need to help parents and children understand and see the value of coming to school on time every day.


With this in mind, we have raised the profile of attendance within school and it is one of our key priorities for improvement in 2016/17. 


We have put considerable effort into explaining the importance of being here on time at every opportunity and have been keen to recognise and reward good attendance.


We have a display board that shows class attendance, which is reported on weekly.  We also have termly certificates which are issued in our half-termly attendance assemblies.

Breakfast Club

Please add any comments or thoughts you have about the idea of a breakfast club in school

  • I think that breakfast clubs are a great idea as they offer the chance for pupils to access a good start to the school day.
  • Definitely would be a good idea to have an on site breakfast club for those who need it as would make arranging work life balance a lot easier. Would be happy to contribute financially as would help us out massively.
  • Being on site I feel that the pupils and parents would feel more comfortable as it is a familiar environment.
  • A breakfast club is something a lot of other schools offer and personally it would be really helpful to me.
  • I think a breakfast club is a brilliant idea. Could help a lot of people, and children are already on site
  • My other grandchildren use a breakfast club 3 days a week as both parents work. The children enjoy it as it gives them chance to play and socialise with other children in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course the cost would have to be competitive with the breakfast club run by Cherubs.
  • I like the idea however I think it would need to be run by non teaching staff because they have many things to do in the morning.

The parent survey has been a useful starting point in shaping our thinking as we got a positive response from a small number of respondents (although some indicated that, while they supported the idea, they would have no need for it personally).


We have been looking into this and discussed this on a number of occasions at governor meetings throughout the year.


We recognise that this would be a huge benefit for a number of parents and that it could also have a positive impact on punctuality and getting children ready to start their learning in the mornings.

However,  there are issues regarding financial viability (as the school is not in a position to subsidise it). 


We will therefore need to explore additional sources of funding and get a more firm commitment from parents about whether and when they would use a breakfast club so we can check if this is affordable.  We will continue to look into this. 

"It would be helpful if the school calendar was colour coded so we could see school holidays and inset days more easily."

We have introduced colour coding of different types of events on our School Calendar.  Planned school closures (due to holdiays and inset days) are now highlighted in red so are clearly visible glance.





"Safety outside the school gates is becoming an issue - making crossing the road dangerous"





The school is aware of this issue and has been working with the Council as well as the Police to actively monitor the traffic issues around school. 


New markings as well as signs were installed during the summer holidays.  We will continue to remind parents through our newsletters about the importance of parking considerately during school drop off and pick up times.





"It would be helpful to get guidance from school about what to focus on with your child"











Regular  termly "Parent/Teacher" Consultation events have taken place to discuss children's progress at school and support that can be given at home to support this. 


Also parents have been invited to "Phonics", and "Writing" support events during which teachers have taken parents through support that can be given to children at home to support progress at school. 


We realise that not all parents can attend these events and we try to ensure that presentations are made available on the 'Presentations for Parents' page of this website.


Your child's class teacher will also be more than happy to discuss what you can do at home to help your child's learning.





"I think that there is bullying in school and this should be sorted out"




























Bullying is not something that is tolerated at Kimberley Primary School and we regularly use time within lessons and assemblies to raise awareness of the issue.


We also get children involved and thinking about how to prevent bullying and previously, our elected school council members made an anti-bullying video to highlight this important issue.


Events that are scheduled to happen during the Spring & Summer terms as part of our 'Promoting British Values' theme, will cover issues such as mutual respect and tolerance and this will inevitably touch on issues at the root cause of bullying.


It is important that to be clear to our children what bullying looks like so they can recognise both if they have been guilty of bullying behaviour, or have been at the receiving end of it. We know it is a shared responsibiilty between the school and parents to help guide our children so they know how to behave with others and how to report any instances of bullying.


Our 'Anti-Bullying' Policy has been reviewed and shared with parents and this is available to view on the Policies page of the website.  


We also now have 'Anti-Bullying' information and useful resources on the 'Behaviour and Discipline' page of this site and would urge you to spend some time looking at this and discussing it with your child. 


If you believe that this is something that your child is experiencing we would urge you to speak to your child's class teacher about at the earliest opportunity. 





"Poorly children should be sent home not left in school for others to catch"






Regular Parentmail updates have been issued at intervals reminding people of the need to keep children off school if unwell especially if the illness is something that is likely to be easily transmitted between children (for example, sickness and diarrhea bugs.) 


We have also recently updated our 'Health and Welfare' page to provide additional NHS guidance on circumstances in which children should be kept off school and for how long.





"I would like to see more after school activities"






Some of the after school activities available recently have included Drama, Fishing, Netball and Football. 


We are always keen to expand the range of activities and would love to speak with parents and those with parental responsibility who can offer time and the skills to set up other after school opportunities for our children.





"School charge for everything including Xmas plays"



























The school will only charge for activities where:


1. The cost cannot be covered by the school's budget (for example certain trips and residentials); or


2. We are raising money for the school fund (for the benefit of our children) or for another registered charity (such as Marie Curie or Comic/Sports Relief). 


We want our children to be able to benefit from extra curricular activities, as these have huge educational benefits, but we always have affordability at the forefront of our minds when arranging these.


As a school, we will give parents as much notice as possible of any charges and will also offer the option of paying in instalments to spread the cost and make it more affordable.  In addition,  parents who are struggling to meet the cost of these activities are encouraged to contact the school office about this at the earliest opportunity, as there may be funding available to assist some families with these additional costs. 


We also recognise the need for transparency, so if parents are being asked to make a payment, it will be made clear what will happen with the money raised (in those cases where the money is not directly subsidising the activity concerned).


We know we need to communicate information to parents and so this issue has been included in our Newsletters and we also now have a 'Paying for activities' page. 





"A breakfast/afterschool club would be useful"





The school has previously piloted breakfast clubs and tried to gauge the level of interest, but the demand was limited and we could not establish arrangements that were financially viable. 


However, we have developed links with Cherubs Nursery who provide before/after school clubs as well as school holiday provision.






"It would be nice to know what children are doing for physical activity throughout the week"











We are always keen to celebrate the sporting achievements of our children and regular updates regarding the kinds of sports activity children are undertaking are included in Newsletters, distributed by Parentmail.  Termly sporting achievements of individual children are also displayed in library. 


We also recognise the health benefits of physical activity and the role this plays in their readiness to learn.  Children will be involved in physical activity each week as part of the national curriculum and this will be delivered in different ways, depending on the age of the children.  A flavour of how PE is taught in school can be found on our Curriculum page and if you want details of what PE your child will be engaged in during the week, your child's teacher will be happy to share this with you if you ask.