Welcome to Clumber Class

My name is Mrs. Heysmond and I have been working at Kimberley Primary School for 8 years. I have taught across the whole school, mainly in EYFS and I am looking forward to teaching Clumber Class this year. I am responsible for Reading, Phonics and Music throughout the whole school.

My name is Mrs. Gill and I have worked in many different years groups at Kimberley Primary School. I have recently worked in EYFS and I am looking forward to returning to Year 1 again this year.  I help organise various sports events within school and take children fishing on a weekly basis.

Clumber 2016 - 2017

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Spring 2 Topic letter
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Autumn 2 Newsletter
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Autumn 1 Newsletter
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P.E lessons are on Tuesdays and Fridays and it is essential that all jewellery is removed. Please ensure your child has clothes for both indoor and outdoor P.E as we will go outside unless it is raining. 


Homework will consist of spellings and maths and will be given out every Friday to hand in the following Thursday. Apart from 3 mini projects, all other homework will be completed in a book. Please support your child by ensuring that all homework is completed. Children will also be expected to read at least 4 times a week and have this recorded in their planner. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the planner and ensure that your child has this in school every day.


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To help you and your child.  Lots of games and support for your child's learning.







The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

After looking at the story of 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch', the children designed and made their own sandwiches for Mr. Grinling. They enjoyed trying a variety of bread, some of which they had not seen or tried before and their learnt alittle about where some breads come from. As Mr. Grinling is only a fictitious character, we had no options but to eat the sandwiches ourselves; yum yum!

Family homework projects - Seasides

The children have worked really hard at home with their families to produce the last family project of the year; either a lighthouse, a scrap book of their holidays or a presentation of a seaside resort. They are fantastic Clumber! Thank you mums, dads and grandparents for your support. Please feel free to come and see them all on display in the classroom.

P.E - Balancing


Historical words and their meanings

Today the children were introduced to some new vocabulary linked to our explorers topic. They had to read some complex words as a group before we went over them together, then talk about what the words meant before allocating them to which explorer they thought they applied to. After discussing the meanings as a class, they had a final chance to put the words in the correct place. I was really pleased with the reading skills and understanding the chldren showed.

Natural Sculptures

Measuring the girth & heights of trees

Today we went into the playground to find out which tree is the oldest and which is the tallest. We used measuring tapes to work out the girths of the trees and a trigonometry method to find the tallest tree. The children found it funny looking through their legs to see the top of the trees to work out which is the oldest!

Compound Words

Today we were looking at Compound Words. The children had to decide which two words they could put together to make a new word.

Problem Solving

Today the children were working in pairs to solve a maths problem based on number. They worked well together to solve the problems.

Class Assembly - 'On Safari'

The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing what they have learnt about Kenya over the last few weeks with the rest of the school. They each remembered some amazing facts relating to the topic and shared some fantastic art work. Some of the children shared their list poems and others shared their knowledge on how to play the African Drums. We ended by singing a well known song 'Kye Kye Kule'. Thank you to all the parents in supporting your child to learn their lines and for coming to see them perform. Well done Clumber, you were amazing!

African Sunset Pictures

This week the children have created pictures based on an African sunset. Aren't they amazing!

Comic Relief - 24th March

Today the children were raising money by not using a pencil or pen all day yet still learning! They worked in small groups to solve some capacity problems. They had to start by sorting some given containers into order starting with the container that would hold the most. 

Maths Morning 8th March 2017

This morning Clumber and Sherwood Class solved Tangram problems either on their own or with a partner. Some of our mums and dads came in to help too. The children used their skills in shape and space to help them. Well done everyone!

Author Visit - Jane Clarke   24th February 2017

Today we had Jane Clarke visit our school and class. She showed us our to invent our own creatures by mixing up exisiting ones and we came up with some really funny ones. We thoroughly enjoyed her assembly and learning about how she became an author. Maybe some of us will become authors too!

Broad Bean Plants

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at plants. We are beginning to recognise some common garden and wild plants/flowers and we have looked at what plants need to grow. Here are our Broad Bean Plants - Look at how much they've grown in just over 3 weeks! We have enjoyed watching them grow and measuring how tall they are to see who's is the tallest.

Story Telling Session

Today our mums and dads came into class to share some stories with us. The grown ups are really impressed with how much our reading has improved since Septemeber. Many of us can read short stories fairly fluently, with confidence and without any help!

Robin Hood & Sherwood Forest

For this terms family homework project the chidlren have either been making bows and arrows, producing some work on the Major Oak or making a hat in the style of Robin Hoods. I think lots of dads and grandads have enjoyed this one just as much as the children! They are amazing. Well done everyone!

Sherwood Forest trip 23rd January 2017


Today we went with Sherwood Class to Sherwood Forest. We had a great day looking for and building animal homes and learning more about Robin Hood. Becky showed us what clothes were worn in Medieval times as well as weapons used for daily survival. She also told us about life in the forest during the time Robin Hood is believed to have lived. We saw the huge 'Major Oak' tree and listened to stories about Robin Hood.

Key Stage 1 Nativity - Mend the Manager

Well done Clumber and Sherwood for producing a fantastic nativity play. You sang beautifully and remembered all your lines. Some of you even took on extra parts at the last minutes when others were ill. Thank you to all the parents who have helped in learning the parts and for Mrs.Gill and Mrs. Osbourne for sorting out the costumes.


For our D.T topic this term, the children designed and made their own fire-engines using shoe boxes. Here are the final outcomes. Well done Clumber!

Fireman visit - 8/12/16

As part of out topic on 'The Great Fire of London', the local fire-fighters can to talk to the children about fire safety in the home and their job. They also brought along a fire-engine for the children to sit in and they showed the children the different tools they carry on board.

Christmas Fayre - 2/12/16

The children enjoyed making their tree decorations and card holders to see at the Christmas Fayre. Here are their final products. They're fantastic Clumber!

Children in Need - 17/11/16

The children brought spare change from home and started putting the coins on the outline of the Pudsey Bear. We still had spare change, so we ended up filling him in completely! The children loved doing this. Thank you Clumber.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week the children have been talking about qualities of a friend, what to do if someone isn't very nice to you and the differences between the words 'mean', 'rude' and 'bullying'. The children worked in small group to decide which pictures showed a good friend and which ones didn't, giving reasons for their ideas.



On Wednesday morning ( 9th November) we had a lovely time making Diwali related crafts. Thank you to all the mums who came in to help, it was lovely to see you all and the children enjoyed making things with you. 

The Great Fire of London


We started our topic this week by making bread to find out how 'The Great Fire of London' started. We all helped measure and mix the ingredients before leaving the dough to rise overnight. Then we each had our own dough to knead and create into a roll shape. Finally, once they were cooked, we got to eat them with butter and jam, yum yum!


Gold Awards for 100% attendance this half term!

 Silver Awards for attendance this half term.

Bronze Awards for attendance this half term.


In table groups, the children made their own BeeBot Mats using the story 'FunnyBones'. They then took it in turns to tell each other where to start the BeeBot and where to finish, put down Algorithms ( instructions) of how to get from 1 place to another and to put in the Algorithms into the BeeBot. They all then watched to see what happened, debugging ( solving the problems) as necessary.

Some examples of our 'Big Writes' this half term before and after marking.

In English we have been looking at reading and writing instructions. We read given instructions to create friendship bracelets or Pirate hats.






The children created their own skeleton pictures using art straws and their new knowledge of what we look like on the inside. Here are some examples are their work.

As part of our Science work this half term the children have been naming parts of the body and looking at the skeleton. The children enjoyed drawing around each other before drawing what they thought they looked like inside and some were very resourceful in using aids in the classroom to help put a skeleton together. The children worked very well in small groups. Well done Clumber!

Year 1 Phonics test

At the end of Year 1, your child will be tested, along with all other Year 1 children across the country, on their phonics ability. This will involve them reading 40 words, 20 real words and 20 silly words, so it is important that they get use to this over the year.  Below is an example test.

Help your child with their phonics by playing games on the following website .








Polite reminder

If your child has, or develops, any allergies please inform the class teacher or the school office as soon as you can.




The children have thoroughly enjoyed producing their own water lilly pictures using a variety of media.


The Queen's 90th birthday celebrations


Today we went into the school grounds to try and identify the different trees using a tree guide. We took photos as well so that we could research unknown ones on the internet by matching our pictures to images of common British trees.

Summer Term 2016

Summer Term 2
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Summer Term 1 2016 planning overview
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Overview for parents
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Twycross Zoo

We have written our own recounts of our visit to Twycross Zoo.

Day Trip to Twycross Zoo


On Friday 22nd April, Clumber & Sherwood Class went to Twycross Zoo. We had a fantastic day seeing new animals, learning about their habitats and whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. Here are some of our photos!

St George's Day

After listening to the story of St George and the dragon, the children completed some activities linked to the story.


Spring Term Planning
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February 24th 2016

In Maths this week we have been looking at multiplication and making arrays to help us work out the answers. 

Chinese New Year  - 8th February 2016

As part of our work on the Chinese New Year we made our own New Year cards, latterns and had a go at some Chinese writing.


Design & Technology - December 16th 2015


Today we made our own fruit kebabs using a wide selection of fruit, some of which we didn't know or hadn't tried before. Then we got to them eat them! We looked at where all the different fruits came from using a world map on the Interactive whitebaord and were amazed that only the apples had come from England, the rest of them came from all over the world.

Local Study

On the 9th December we went into Kimberley as part of our local study topic. We looked at the amenities Kimberley has to offer, conducted a traffic survey, looked for signs of old Kimberley and discussed how Kimberley has changed. The people who work in Kimberley were very friendly and we got the chance to look around a really old shop, take a book home from a charity shop and have a sample of some sausage rolls!


We looked at the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah as part of learning about different faiths. We made our own Hanukkah candles. Don't they look fab!!

R.E and PSHE

This half term we have looked at 'What it means to belong' and how Christians belong to the church. We talked about all the groups we belong to and created a collage of ourselves.

Autumn 2


This half term we will continue to look at Poetry, Information Texts and Instructional writing. We will be finding out about the local area and conducting traffic surveys. We will be looking at 2D shapes, length, time, addition and subtraction. We will also be looking at British Festivals as well as appreciating those from other religions and cultures.

                                             Rainbow Grammar

Last half term, Clumber Class starting looking at Rainbow Grammar whilst reading the story 'The princess and the Pea'. This is a method to teach children the rudiments of grammar using coloured slips of paper. Green for go, Orange to keep going and Red to stop. The green paper is about the subject, who our sentence is about, the noun. The orange paper is called the predicate and tells us what the subject does, the verb. The red paper is for the punctuation mark at the end of our sentence.



The princess

fell out of the carriage



Then we looked at using alternative words for ‘The’ ‘A’ or ’An’ ( Articles) by introducing numbers or quantifiers such as ‘many’ to start our sentences.



Many princesses

came to the castle




Finally, we looked at adjectives for our nouns (subjects) and these went on the green paper too. 


The beautiful princess

fell out of a carriage



He we are, busy writing our sentences.

                                         Autumn Acrostic Poems

On Monday 19th October, we went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds and collected some Autumn leaves and seeds. We talked about what happens in Autumn and then we wrote a class Acrostic poem. For BIGGER WRITE we wrote our own Autumn Acrostic poems and some of our grown-ups came in to help. Here are some of our poems.

In maths we have been looking at recognising, writing and ordering numbers, numbers bonds, addition and subtraction and how they are related and simple fractions. 

Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

For part of our Art work, Mrs Pounder has been looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy with Clumber Class. Here are some examples of what the children have created using Autumn leaves.

                                               Gingerbread Men

As part of our work on Traditional stories, the children made their own Gingerbread man biscuits. They helped measure out the ingredients and then mix them together to make the dough. Then they each had a small piece to roll out. After cutting their gingerbread man shapes, using cutters, the dough was cooked. The children loved decorating them with icing and edibles balls. What fantastic biscuits Clumber Class!

Autumn Term Planning overview

planning overview.doc
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Please ensure that your child's P.E kit remains in school during term time.  Please remove earrings if possible before coming to school on P.E. days, or provide plasters to cover them. Our P.E days this year are Monday's and Thursday's.

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To help you and your child.  Lots of games and support for your child's learning.










Homework should take around an 1 hour per week.  We ask for at least three reads to an adult or older sibling (10 minutes per session suffices).  The children all have log ins for Abacus Mathematics where the online activities are updated regularly.  There are regular key words to learn as part of our approach to spelling, and now and then, the children are asked to complete another task.  For more details please see our school homework policyChildren can miss a portion of their break times if homework has not been completed.