Wednesday December 20th 2017


Party day and Christmas dinner


What an exciting day we've had in Bramcote Class today. Our Christmas party, with a visit from Santa and our Christmas dinner. Happy Christmas everyone!


Miss Mehmet

Tuesday December 12th 2017


The Nativity


Well done to you all for performing so brilliantly in our Christmas concert. We are so proud of you all!

Miss Mehmet and Miss Bingham.


Wednesday December 6th 2017




Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who joined us today for our Christmas craft making session. We hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for all your support, the children loved sharing their learning with you.


Wednesday November 29th 2017


Harry and the Robots


This week in Bramcote Class, we have been reading the story 'Harry and the Robots'. We talked about what happened at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the story and made story maps to help us retell the story in the correct order. Well done everyone.

Wednesday November 22nd 2017




In Bramcote Class this week we have been reading the story 'Threadbear', about a very old and tatty bear who belonged to Ben. We did some writing about the story and made our own Threadbear collages, using a range of different materials.


Friday 17th November 2017


My Favourite Toy


This week we have been doing a lot of work about our favourite toys. These are just a few of our Big Writes that wowed me today!

Tuesday November 14th 2017




As part of our work on Anti Bullying Week, we have been talking about how we are all different and all equal. We talked about what bullying is and what we should do if we think we are being bullied. We talked about what makes a good and kind friend. We all had a jigsaw puzzle piece and put our pieces together to make something special...Team Bramcote.



Thursday November 9th 2017




Today we had our second Philosophy for Children lesson in Bramcote Class. We continued reading the story 'Where the Wild Things Are', and we talked about what it means to be 'wild' and how we can use our imaginations. The children were all happy and confident to talk about their ideas around this theme, and listened very carefully to each other. We then went to the tables to put our ideas onto paper. The children amazed us with how well they concentrated and how focused and 'on task' they were. We're looking forward to our next lesson. Take a look...

Friday 3rd November 2017


Bonfire Night


This week Rufford class have been learning about Bonfire Night. We have been describing fireworks, making some firework paintings and talking about firwork safety. During Workout Wednesday this week we also became fireworks whilst dancing to Katy Perry's song 'Firework'.

Monday October 30th 2017




Welcome back after the half term break. What a super day we've had today in Bramcote class. We have been writing our own firework poems, learning the meanings and sounds of new words, and we also created firework pictures using glittery and pearlised paints. I enjoyed listening to the children use the firework WOW words from our literacy work whilst they were painting. Well done everyone.


Wednesday October 18th 2017




Thank you to all the parents/carers who attended our Diwali craft morning today. We hope you enjoyed making rangoli patterns, mendhi hand patterns and Rama and Sita stick puppets.

Wednesday October 18th 2017


Please take a look at the Early Years Section called Planning Autumn Term 2017, where you will find information about our new topic for after the October half term holiday.

Thank you, Miss Mehmet

Monday October 16th 2017




This week in Bramcote Class, we are learning about Diwali, the festival of light. We have been busy making our own clay divas and making story maps about Rama and Sita's adventures in the forest. We are looking forward to our parent/carer Diwali craft morning tomorrow.


Monday October 9th 2017.


A galaxy of stars!


This week we are reading the book 'How to catch a star'. We have been making our own galaxy of stars today, using cut out star stencils and paint. It was a very tricky activity, because we had to keep our stars really still, whilst painting over them. We were all very resilient though, and didn't give up. Take a look...

Thursday October 5th 2017




Today in Bramcote, we became shape detectives and took our maths learning outside. We were amazed to see how many different 2D shapes we found. We practised using our maths WOW words to describe them. Take a look...

Wednesday 4th October 2017


Exploring shapes and careful counting


This week we have been busy exploring shapes by building rockets and doing very careful counting at the maths table, the water area and outside. Great work everyone!

Tuesday October 3rd 2017




This week in our number time sessions, we have been learning the names of 2D shapes. We have also been learning how to describe the 2D shapes using lots of interesting wow words. We made some shape pictures today and used the words curved, straight, sides, corners, to describe our pictures.


Wednesday September 27th 2017


Outdoor play


We made the most of the Autumn sunshine today and went outside to play. We had a wonderful time playing with our friends and working together as a team. Well done everyone!

Friday September 22nd 2017


Our visit to Kimberley Library


We had a lovely time today visiting Kimberley Library. Steve, the librarian, read us some space themed stories, and his favourite story about a skeleton in a cupboard! We had a look around the library and read books about dinosaurs, monsters, superheroes and more!



Monday September 22nd 2017


Planet paintings.


We have been creating some amazing planet paintings today. We popped a marble into some paint and placed it on our planet shape on a tray. We then moved it around [being careful not to lose the marble!] and mixed the colours to create some super patterns. Take a look.....



Monday September 18th 2017


The Moon


This week, we are learning about the moon. Today we read a non-fiction book about the moon and we learned some interesting moon facts. We have been thinking about words to describe the moon too. Here is some of our work....



Monday September 11th 2017


We launched our new topic today, 'Lost in Space!'. We read the story 'Roaring Rockets' and talked about the different things we would need to take with us if we were going on a journey into space. The children came up with some super ideas for their list writing.  We created some space paintings too, using some sparkly, metallic paints. Well done, Bramcote Class, you have all made a great start to the new school year!