Friday March 31st 2017




Bramcote and Rufford Class enjoyed their Easter egg hunt outside today. How many eggs did you find?



Monday March 27th 2017


Summer Term 1 information


Dear Parents/Carers

Please visit the Summer Term 2017 page of our website where you will find the latest information about our new topic 'SUPERHEROES' for after the Easter holidays.

Many thanks, Miss Mehmet



Friday March 24th 2017




Today we raised lots of money for Comic Relief by having a no pens/pencils Friday. We took part in lots of exciting activities both indoors and outdoors, all without pens or pencils! Look at our amazing pet art work. Thank you to everyone who donated money or cakes today.


           Wednesday March 22nd 2017


This week we have been learning about hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, rats and gerbils....little furry pets. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about these pets. How many different facts can you share with your grown ups?


 Wednesday 15th March 2017

Corn Flake


In Rufford and Bramcote today we had a special visitor from Mrs Turner Rowe's pet snake called Corn Flake. The children were fasinated and loved learning about the snake. Every child who came to see him was very  brave  and gave him a stroke. They were shocked to find out that he felt cold and soft instead of slimy as a lot of them orginally thought.

Tuesday March 14th 2017


Six Dinner Sid


This week we have been reading the story 'Six Dinner Sid' about a very greedy cat, who doesn't have one dinner, but six. I was so impressed with the children's pastel drawings of Sid. Their attention to detail was just amazing. I have a class full of artists! Take a look...

Wednesday 8th March


Maths Problem Solving Rufford

Wednesday March 8th 2017


Maths Problem solving morning.


Thank you to the parent/carers who came to visit today to do some problem solving. We made collars to fit our pet dogs, 3D shapes and designed our own number games. Well done everyone!


Thursday 2nd March


 Billy The Rabbit


This week Mrs Garner kindly brought in her rabbit Billy. The children loved having him in class and the writting they have produced from it has been fantastic!

Wednesday March 1st 2017


Pet Collages


This week in Bramcote class, we have been talking about our own pets and sharing photos of them with our friends. We have been writing about our pets and then we made some collages too. Take a look....


Monday February 20th 2017


Welcome back to school! We launched our new topic today, called 'Fur, Feathers and Fins' and we read the story 'The Great Pet Sale' by Mick Inkpen. Look at our amazing paintings. We even included price labels!


  Friday 10th February 

British birds


This week we have been learning about British Birds and have made some amazing bird feeders!

Wednesday February 8th 2017



Please click on Spring term 2017 planning page where you will find information about our topic for after half term. As always, if you have any questions, please pop in and see us any time.

Miss Mehmet.


Wednesday February 8th 2017

Listening Music


This week in Bramcote Class we have been reading the story 'After the Storm', which is set in the Autumn in Percy's park. We listened carefully to the music 'Autumn' taken from Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'. We then talked about how the music made us feel and what it made us think of. We drew some amazing pictures and really used our imaginations. Well done everyone!

Friday February 3rd 2017




Thank you to all the parents/carers who contributed a donation to our bird sale to raise funds for the RSPB. We raised a total of £23.67. WELL DONE BRAMCOTE CLASS!

                                                    Wednesday 1st February 2017


Thank you for alll the parents/carers who came to join Rufford for their craft session this week, the children loved having you in ! 

Wednesday February 1st 2017


Chinese New Year Craft Morning


Thank you to all the parents/carers who joined Bramcote class today for our craft morning. We hope you enjoyed making the different crafts and learning about Chinese New Year celebrations.


Monday January 30th 2017




Thank you to Rushcliffe Class today who came to read stories to Bramcote class at the end of the day. We really enjoyed our older friends reading to us. Please come again soon!



Monday January 30th 2017




This week in Bramcote Class we are learning about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. Today we listened to the story of the Animals' Race and did some super writing based on this story. Take a look...

Monday January 23rd 2017


Colour mixing


Today in Bramcote Class we have been learning to mix different shades of the same colour, focusing on Winter, 'cold' colours. The challenge was not to repeat any of the shades! We felt chilly when we were painting! Take a look....



Thursday January 19th 2017




When I arrived at school on Wednesday morning this week, an envelope was waiting for me with my name on. I was really excited! Look at the amazing letter Scarlett had written for me, all by herself. WOW!!!!

Thursday 19th January 2017




We went on a Winter Walk in Rufford class this week and had lots of fun. We were very good at recognising signs of Winter. Our favourite was finding some puddles and jumping in them!


Wednesday January 18th 2017




This week in Bramcote class in our number time sessions we have been learning to compare the lengths of different objects. We worked hard to make a party hat to fit Miss Mehmet, using lots of problem solving skills when the lengths of card were too short! We then worked with a partner to make a hat to fit a teddy. We worked really well with our partners. Take a look...



 Thursday 12th January 2017


Ice is...


" Freezing" " slippery" " icy" "Sprakly" "wet" "cold" "soggy" "watery" "chilly" "frosty" "melting" "bubbly inside" 


These are just some of the WOW Words that Rufford children have come up with this week to describe ice. Brrr, fantastic work everyone!


Monday January 9th 2017


This week we have been reading the Percy story 'One Snowy Night'. We are so proud of our amazing paintings. Take a look...

Thursday January 5th 2017




The children have all worked so hard today and settled back into school life brilliantly. I am so proud of every single member of Bramcote Class. We have read some Percy the park keeper stories today and painted some pictures of Percy. We have also done some brilliant maths work today too. The children have also enjoyed working in our new role play area, Percy's hut. Well done everyone!

Miss Mehmet 


January 2017


Percy the Park Keeper


Here is our new role play area, Percy's House. Our new topic for the first half of the Spring term is 'Percy the Park Keeper'. We are so excited to play in here!