Welcome to Griffin Class

Welcome to the newly named Griffin Class.


My name is Mr Beresford and I will be the class teacher for Griffin Class. I am very excited to be part of Kimberley Primary School and finally get started teaching the children of Griffin Class. Joining the children and I in the classroom will be my colleague, Mrs Kempa whom many of you already know.


The attached curriculum newsletter outlines the plan for this term but please do come and see me if you have any questions.




Class Activities:


Portals to the Past – Ancient Egyptian Workshop

On the 27th of September our colleagues from Portals to the Past will be in school to run a whole day workshop for both year 3 and 4 on the Ancient Egyptians partaking in entertaining and informative activities. As part of the day children can come to school dressed as Egyptologists (jeans, shorts, wacky jumpers, hats, etc.) or as an Ancient Egyptian.


Portals to the Past recommend the following websites from which to locate suitable fancy-dress outfits;







More details about the work will be provided to parents closer to the time.