Welcome to Newstead Class

Mrs K. Wilde


As I turn 40 this year, I can’t quite believe I have been teaching for almost twenty years! Yet, every day is still full of the excitement and passion that I felt when I first graduated those many years ago!


Joining Kimberley in January 2017, I have thoroughly enjoyed every second and I am excited about what the future holds for this school. Newstead children have welcomed me with open arms and I have been extremely impressed with their positive attitude to learning.


English is a particular passion of mine and I am always seeking ways to help inspire and motivate pupils with their learning in this subject. I want learning to be fun for our children and constantly strive to provide lessons that are engaging and challenging for our pupils.


I look forward to meeting parents and carers of Kimberley and working together for the future of our children. 





Mrs. V. Read

Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs. Read and I am the Teaching Assistant in Newstead Class. I work with small groups in class during English and Maths. I also work with individuals for interventions such as 'Switch on Reading'.

Latest news...

summer 2 curriculum flier.docx
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Welcome back! We are now in our last half term of the school year - time is rushing by! This half term will be a busy one. It will involve our class assembly and our exciting KS2 production too. Have a read of our curriculum flier to find out what else we will be covering...

KS2 performance

Newstead children will be bringing home scripts for their class assembly and for the KS2 production this half term holiday. The auditions for the KS2 production are being held the first week back, so please help and encouage your children to learn their lines so they can get the part they would like in the performance.

Star Writer this week...

Rio is our Star Writer this week for his informative biography on Alexander the Great. Well done Rio!

Ancient Greek Day...

Last week, Rushcliffe and Newstead took part in an 'Ancient Greek day' in order to kick start their summer topic off in style! Here to tell you all about it is Keira - our Star Writer for the week....

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Welcome back! We hope you had an 'EGGcellent' Easter holiday!

Curriculum flier...

Curriculum flier
summer 1 curriculum flier.docx
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Good bye Miss.Hawkins!

Over the last 6 weeks, Newstead class have thoroughly enjoyed working with Miss.Hawkins as she trains to be a teacher. They have really enjoyed her lessons and I have been especially impressed with the respect they have shown her. In particular, their participation and enthusiasm in their dance lessons has been fantastic and I was blown away by their final performance. Well done class Newstead and well done to Miss.Hawkins. We wish her all the best in her future career. 

Through the decades fashion catwalk...

To conclude our topic 'Through the decades', the children took part in a fashion catwalk where they showcased their fashion product that they designed and made. We certainly have some future fashion desgners and models amongst us!

Star Writer this week is...

Ella is our Star Writer this week! Well done Ella - you produced an excellent persuasive letter explaining why the Easter bunny was not guilty of stealing all the Easter eggs!

Red Nose Day...

For Red Nose Day this year, Kimberley decided to hold a 'No pens day' in order to think about those children who are not fortunate enough to have the resources that we may have in school. As part of this, Newstead went across to our school field and carried out some outdoor maths challenges in groups, which involved the children using natural objects to create mthematical patterns and pictures. The children had a great time and worked well in teams. 

Star Writer...

Cayden is our Star Writer this week for his work on 'The Dream Giver'. Cayden has worked hard at improving his sentence starts. Well done Cayden!

We are readers...

Newstead have reached the 'Millionaire club!' Look at our word count so far! Well done Newstead - this just shows how much you love reading.

Hovis Videos - We made some videos using our creative writing!

Our weekly word count so far...

Every week, we check how many words we have read from our school library books. Look how close Newstead are to reading a million words...!

Star writer of the week...

It's that time of the week again to announce our star writer!


This week George is our star writer for his excellent descriptive writing in the first half of our Dream Giver story. Well done George!

Maths problem solver of the week...

Lawson is our problem solver of the week. Numerous teachers commented on his perseverance during our maths problem solving morning and how he encouraged others to keep going. Well done Lawson. 

Star writer...

Ryan is our Star Writer this week for his news script on Elvis Presley. Did you know Elvis has been spotted in Greggs in Kimberley? 

The children will be acting out their news scripts and filming them ready to be broadcast...

Maths Problem Solving morning...

Frogs and Toads, Tangrams, perimeter puzzles... these were just a few of the problem solving activities our children had a go at solving during our problem solving morning this week. Year 3,4,5 and 6 had the chance to work together and they showed great perseverance and team work. 

World Book Day

For World Book Day this year, the theme was 'Bedtime stories'. Lots of children in Newstead came to school in their onesies or pyjamas and shared their favourite bedtime stories with each other. 

Our Maths problem solvers of the week are...

George and Rio for their teamwork and cooperation to solve the maths problem. 

Star writer this week is...

Well done Sophie! Your non-chronological report on the T-Rex was extremely factual and appealed to the reader - you made it your own style too. 

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Author Visit

Our children had the opportunity to meet and work with a real life author this week.  Jane Clarke (author of many books such as 'Dinosaur Cove') worked with the children in Newstead where she inspired them to create their own dinosaurs they could use in their own stories. The children were even lucky enough to hear the end of the book we have been studying for English read by the author herself! The chidren were completely captivated! Have a read of some of the children's reflections on the day...

Author visit
Andrew and Camrons' thoughts on the day..
Andrew and Camron.docx
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Author visit
Megan and Aleesha
jane clarke.docx
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Last year's News

Newstead Class 2015 - 2016

Summer Term 

Newsteads Drumming Concert - We are Performers - We are Great!

We performed brilliantly in our concert!

If any parents were unable to make the event but would like to watch snippets of video please contact Mr Moss at school to do this. 

Our Art Day was a Great Success! We all have fun painting like Monet!

We are Geologist - KS2 Local Study Trip 

Planning for Newstead Class

KS1 and 2 curriculum map.docx
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planning medium term overview Summer.doc
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planning medium term overview Spring.doc
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planning medium term overview Autumn.doc
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We Are Writers

Our Homework Projects! Aren't they Great?

We are Musicians 

We are First Aiders 

We are Problem Solvers


Well done to the problem solving team, who, today with the help of Mrs England, solved a very hard fraction based problem.

You performed brilliantly today, never giving up and working systematically to solve a problem.

Super Star Readers 

We are First Aiders!

We are Life Savers!

Saints Johns Ambulance paid us a visit on, Thursday 26th November. They taught all of KS2 children a variety of skills ito help us to look after others who have become ill or have suffered from an accident. It was great fun but also full of life saving tips 

We Are Readers!

We have begun to record our reads at home. 


These are Newsteads reading Champions, reading every day of the week!


Well done to you all! We are proud of you.

Christmas Carol Concert 


The KS2 children performed a carol concert at the local parish hall to an appreciative audience  of old age pensions. The Carols were mostly tradition songs and were all sung beautifully.


Well done Newstead and Wollaton classes. 

Sea Life Trip


We treavelled to Birmingham on the hottest day for years! Although the heat was intense, it

didn't prevent us from having a fantastic day out. We found out about many wonderful cretures that inhabit the seas on our 'Wonderful World'.

Science - Habitats 

We carefully searched the school field in the hope of finding interesting mini-beasts! We considered the conditions in each habitat and why each organism choose to live there! We found out why our local world is wonderful. 


As part of our 'Wonderful World' theme we enbarked on a research project at home. This is an incredible example of independent challenge setting.Not only were creatures searched for and found but a field guide was created to help other budding environmetalists to name their finds and learn more about them! Well done!

Summer 2 2015

In KS2, for our ‘Big Ideas’ work this half term, we are focusing on developing our problem solving skills. The children tackle a range of tasks throughout the week, involving mathematical skills, reasoning and longer lateral thinking puzzles.  

Have a look at some of the tasks the children have already undertaken!


Have a go at some of these yourself!

Problems we have solved in class
problem solving 1.docx
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Good Morning Newstead problem solve 2.do[...]
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One to try at home
2D shape puzzles.doc
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Summer 2015

The topic for the Summer Term is entitled ‘Wonderful World.’ Here we are studying the different geographical regions of the world, with a particular focus on deserts, the Arctic and mountainous areas. These locations will be the inspiration for some art and craft activities. In Science, we will look at how animals are adapted to their environments and we will interpret and create food chains and webs, using animation. The life and work of Charles Darwin will result in the pupils creating a fact file on this important historical figure. Other literacy work will involve creating poems on the wonderful world we live in, however, British Values will be the main focus of the English writing this half term.

Wonderful World topic web.doc
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We are learners

Spring Term 2015

This term's topic is called 'Bright Ideas.' We have already begun to study particular inventors and children have considered and graded their inventions, according to their views on their importance and relevance to society. They have investigated changes in the development of the telephone and they will further study the life of Alexander Graham Bell.

Our visit to Magna, in the second half of the term, is very much linked to our scientific studies. In this aspect of the curriculum, the work is focused on changing materials and investigating materials that are soluble and insoluble. There will also be work on sieving and filtering.

For Art the children will study the work of Paul Klee and also, after half term, produce some still life drawings associated with our Adventure Story 'The Minpins.'

Other English work relates to the story by Colin Thompson, 'The Tower to the Sun' aswell as the genres of explanation and biographical texts.


P.E Kits 

Please remember to send your child with the approriate P.E kit for their P.E session on Thursdays. 

Bright Ideas topic web.doc
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Polite  reminder! 

If your child has or develops any allergies please inform the class teacher and school as soon as you can.

Our classroom encourages us to improve our work!

The minimum expectations for pupils completing homework are as follows:

Key Stage Two:

At least three reading sessions per week which are supervised and recorded by an adult.  A reading session should last a minimum of 10 minutes. This should increase as the child gets older / becomes more able.


Homework tasks which enhance the pupil's progress on an area of school improvement (2015 Writing). Parents and carers will be asked to support their children in the completion of this task in a way which is appropriate for their individual children. 30 minutes to 1 hour is a reasonable guide.


Family learning project: Open ended.


What happens if homework is not completed? Children miss their break times or in some cases golden time.



We Are Writers!


This is our Writing Wall, where we celebrate the on-going progress of our pupils, selected from our Big Write events.

We Are Writers! This is our Writing Wall, where we celebrate the on-going progress of our pupils, selected from our Big Write events.

These are examples of how we respond to marking in Newstead Class.

Our Amazing Writing Project!


We have begun our writing project on Roald Dahl's 'The Minpins'. As the story is set in the 'Forest of Sin', we are recreating a similar setting in our classrooms!


The children have been looking at Roald Dahl's books. Can you ask them to identify features of his writing?


The Minpins paid us a visit and left us some footprints to follow. We were also sent a tiny little letter thanking us for helping their children to become better writers!!!

We Are Builders!!!


We challenged ourselves to build the tallest structure possible using only 30 art straws and maskinbg tape. The structure, based on our English narrative, 'The Tower to the Sun', had to stand up on own with a small weight on top.

We had great fun and learnt some important things about creating strong towers. 


Autumn Term 2014

Our first topic of this academic year is entitiled 'What did the Romans do for us?' We will be studying the Roman invasions and how this affected the daily life of the Celts. Key figures and historical events will include Julius Caesar's first steps on British soil and Queen Boudicca's rebellion. 

In Computing, we are fortunate to have an expert, Mr Heysmonde, working with the children in KS2. They will develop their programming skills to create a computer game, using Scratch. For Art, the children will produce a mosaic pattern, based on research on the Internet and in books, and our focus in Science is 'Forces'.

In terms of English, we have written Roman poetry and our narrative work centres on 'The Thieves of Ostia', a mystery set in Ancient Rome. We have also planned a persuasive unit of work relating to becoming a legionary.


Other Exciting Events and Opportunities

Take a look at our fantastic trip to the Magna Science Discovery Centre


Ask your child to explain what they have learnt from their visit.