My name is Mr Moss. I’ve been teaching for 12 years and have worked throughout the different age ranges. Teaching can be a challenging profession, yet it is also rewarding, as helping the children to reach their full potential makes it all worthwhile.

I endeavour to make the children in my class feel safe, secure, respected, happy and also encouraged to always work to the best of their ability. 

The Key Stage 2 staff work as a team to ensure that the curriculum experienced by the pupils is exciting, educational and fun. I am responsible for computing, History and Geographyin school. 

Mrs Kempa (Teaching Assistant)

Curriculum Newsletter

Academic Year 2017-2018

Rushcliffe News                                                                            

We Are Climbers! 

We visited Clip and Climb in Nottingham. 

We all had a fantstic time.

We learnt how to support eachother.

We overcame our fears.

We represented our school brilliantly.



We Are Artists 

We are Scientists.


We investiagted how the force of Friction slows a toy car and that different surfaces have different amounts of Friction. 


We discovered that grass had the greatest amount of friction and that concrete had the lesast amount. 

We Are Sports Stars


We have been lucky enough to have a basketball coach in on Friday mornings to help us develop our skills.

It’s great to see how quickly we are getting to grips with the basics. 

We Are Hunters

We are Hunters!


We searched the school grounds in pursuit of all creatures great and small. We found so many interesting organisms.

Academic Year 2016-2017

Reading Morning


Thank you to all of the parents who came to share a book in our reading morning. The children really enjoyed sharing their favourite stories. 

National Storytelling Week (30.1.17 - 3.2.17)


This week is National Storytelling week. To celebrate this the whole school had a 'buddy' reading session at the end of the school day. Class Rushcliffe joined up with children in Rufford and Bramcote. The children had a wonderful time sharing stories! Class Rushcliffe were very grown up and behaved beautifully. The younger children enjoyed sharing a book with their older 'buddies'. Well done everyone.

Christmas Party Fun!


We had a great Christmas Party this afternoon. Thank you to all the parents who donated food for the buffet. The children had a wonderful time.


All the staff in Rushcliffe and Newstead would like to take this oppertunity to wish all our families a very Merry Christmas!


Design and Technology


Class Rushcliffe have been planning a healthy meal for an astronaut as part of our Design and Technology work. After much consideration we opted for pizza! We had so much fun making and taste-testing them!


Magna Science Trip


The children in Rushcliffe and Newstead had an amazing time at Magna science museum. We enjoyed the Planets and Stars workshop and had a wonderful time exploring the earth, fire, water and air zones.

An Astronaut's Lunch!

We have been designing and creaing a health lunch for an astronaut in Design and Technology - we created some truly delicious food although we aren't sure what it would tast like if it was freeze dried! 

Diwali Craft Morning


Thank you to all those parents who came along to our Diwali croft morning. The children had a wonderful morning, learning about the Hindu festival of light and creating some wonderful craft items. Well done to all the children....and their parents!

Egg Challenge


Class Rushcliffe took on the Egg Challenge, as part of our first week getting to know each other. It was great to see the children working together in groups, listening to each other's suggestions and inventing a device to stop the egg from breaking when dropped from a given height. We definitely have some future engineers in our midst!




This week in English we have been exploring a setting using a short video clip. Each day the children have been watching a small part of the clip and writing a first person account of their exploration of the deserted castle and church. I have been blown away by the quality of the descriptive writing produced. Well done class Rushcliffe. You are all first class writers.

Here is a link to the website if you want to share the video clip with your child.

Moon Diary Homework (Monday 17th October 2016)


This week the children have learnt about the phases of the moon. We thought it would be interesting to get the children to observe these different phases for themselves so we set up a moon diary. The idea is that each night the children observe the moon and record their observations. This should only take a few minutes but it will be great experience to observe the moon phases first hand. After a month we will ask the children to return their diaries so we can share our findings.


I have put a copy of the moon diary here!


Many thanks for your support.



Moon Diary.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [3.1 MB]

Space - The Final Frontier


Our topic in the autumn term will be Space ‘The Final Frontier’. This is a great topic to start the year off with! We will be learning about the solar system and the position of the planets in relation to the sun and how this impacts our life on Earth. We will also be delving in to the History of the space race as well as looking at the geography of our planet. Our science will focus on forces where the children will be able to experiment with gravity and magnetism.

We have lots of fun activities planned. Please have a look at our curriculum flier giving more details of what we will be learning about this term.

Your help and support is always appreciated! You can help at home by talking to your child about the work they have been doing and supporting them with any additional research they wish to complete at home!

We have recently set a homework project where the children were asked to research and present their own space project. We were overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of work received. Thank you to all the children, and their parents for their support. Photos to follow!