Welcome to Sherwood Class!

Mrs Allison (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)


My name is Mrs Allison and this is my second year at Kimberley Primary School. Earlier this year I was appointed as one of the Deputy Head Teachers and I am very much looking forward to continuing my teaching journey at Kimberley Primary. I have been a teacher for 20 years and I love working with children and watching their imagination, confidence and independence grow.

At Kimberley, I am responsible for Special Educational Needs and Behaviour. I work closely with staff, pupils and their parents to ensure all children receive the support they need to reach their full potential.

I am excited about teaching in class Newstead this year, alongside Mrs Thompson. We have lots of exciting and engaging topics and learning experiences planned for the year ahead and I look forward to sharing these with the children. 

Mrs Howarth (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Mrs. V. Read

Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs. Read and I am the Teaching Assistant for Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2). I work with small groups in class during English and Maths. I also work with individuals for interventions such as 'Switch on Reading'.

Curriculum Newsletters

Curriculum booklet Spring Term 2018 year 2
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Year 2 - Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter
Find out about our topic this half term.
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Sherwood News

Welcome to the new term in Sherwood Class


This term Mrs Allison joins us in Sherwood class. She will be teaching on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. For the first half term our topic is all about 'Journeys' and 'Our Wonderful World'. We look forward to learning about the weather, include extreme weather and different climate zones around the world.




Each week the children will have a spelling activity and a maths task. In the current system spellings go out on a Tuesday with an expected hand in day of the following Monday. Maths is given out on a Friday and is due back the following Thursday. As spellings and maths tasks are completed in the same homework book we have decided to give both tasks out on the same day to save any confusion. As of the week beginning 29th January, both spellings and maths will be given out on a Wednesday. Completed homework will need to be returned to school by the following Wednesday.

Any problems or questions please come and have a chat with one of us.


Indoor shoes


We are trying to reduce the amount of mud in school at the moment. Could you please make sure children have a pair of indoor shoes in school to change into during lesson times. This will hopefully reduce the level of mud in the classroom, especially on the carpet area.


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How to make a catapult...

Today, Team Sherwood were given a challenge in Design and Technology: to make a catapult using only lollipop sticks and elastic bands!


The children spent the first part of the lesson exploring the sticks and elastic bands to see how they could fix them together.  Some figured out that by twisting the band around the sticks, they would stay together!


The biggest challenge came in trying to work out how to get leverage to enable the catapult to shoot any distance.  To help us with this, we watched a video that showed how to stack several sticks and make a lever using two sticks fastened together at one end.  By inserting one of those sticks through the stack, the children were able to make working catapults!


Mrs Whittaker used a hot glue gun to stick a recycled milk bottle top to the firing stick and all that was left to do was to test them!!


Check out the photos below. 


Ready!  Aim!  FIRE!!!


This week in maths we have been exploring number patterns and what happens when we count in multiples of different numbers.  We have practised counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and have learned a new chant to help us remember how to count in 3s!  We have also worked with a place value chart to help us add together numbers, like 23 + 14 =.  Ask your child to show you how a place value chart works.

Trebuchet Prototypes

During our visit to Warwick Castle, we were lucky enough to see the Mighty Trebuchet in action.  A video is linked below for you to take a look at it yourselves. 

This half term, Sherwood class are going to be making our very own (smaller) trebuchets!  

Today, Sherwood class were challenged to come up with a basic trebuchet frame design that would stand up on its own.  The children worked in table teams and were only allowed to use scrap paper and cellotape!  I think they did a fantastic job!  Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think!

Basketball Coaching

Monday afternoons are basketball afternoons this half term!  Mr Bednardski is our basketball coach and we are learning basic ball skills, including dribbling and passing.  

Don't forget to send in your child's PE kit.  It can be left in school and we will send it home at the end of each half term.

Warwick Castle

On Wednesday 13th September, Sherwood class visited Warwick Castle.  We saw peacocks, a real-life trebuchet in action, we heard about King Henry VIII and his six wives and walked to the top of the mound!  We even visited the gaol deep below the castle and found out about life in the castle during mediaeval times.

Many of the children commented on how much they enjoyed the trip; some said it was the best trip ever!  They all represented Kimberley Primary and Nursery School very well and Mrs Howarth and Mrs Whittaker were very proud of them.

Academic Year 2016-2017

Sherwood Forest - Monday 23rd January 2017

We all had a wonderful time on our trip to 'Sherwood Forest' where we learnt lots of interesting facts about Robin Hood. The children loved looking at the clothes and the objects, especially the sword and the arrows in the quiver. Noah and Ellie took part in some role-play, while our guide for the day told us some interesting stories about living in the forest. We saw the Major Oak and investigated how many children we could fit inside a hollow tree. 

      Finally, we made our own animal homes for a range of forest creatures. We used materials we could find, such as twigs, leaves, logs .... Please see a selection of photographs below.

The children performed brilliantly in our Christmas production.  They remembered their lines well and sang beautifully.  Some children even had to step into main roles at the last minute - we appreciate their bravery!


Merry Christmas to you all.  Have a restful holiday.

Christmas Play "Mend the Manger" - 15/16th December

Diwali Craft Morning - Wednesday 9th November

We had a go at designing different rangoli patterns using all different equipment.


The children had a go at creating colourful, symmetrical patterns and we think the results were fab! Take a look:

In ICT this term we have been learning how to use the Bee-Bots. In groups, we have designed our own Bee-Bot world. This week (Tuesday 11th October) we have been trying to design an algorithm to pick up the most cubes, with a set number of moves, starting from the Bee-Bots home. Take a look...

This half term our first topic of Year 2 has been 'Funnybones'.  In science we have looked at different parts of the body and also labelled the parts of our skeleton.  We have discussed ways to stay healthy, for example exercising, getting plenty of rest, keeping clean, drinking lots of water and eating a balanced diet.


For our homework project the children designed their favourite meal. The end products were amazing. Take a look at some of Sherwood classes favourite meals. 

Linked with our topic 'Funnybones', we have completed a short Geography topic called 'In a Dark, Dark, Town...'


The children have looked at the purpose and importance of different buildings, including what makes their own home special.


We went for a short walk around Kimberley on Friday 14th October to look at different buildings in the local area.  The children were brilliant at spotting different types of houses.  Why don't you test them on your walk to school one morning!