Meet the teaching team


My name is Mr Moss. I’ve been teaching for 12 years and have worked throughout the different age ranges. Teaching can be a challenging profession, yet it is also rewarding, as helping the children to reach their full potential makes it all worthwhile.

I endeavour to make the children in my class feel safe, secure, respected, happy and also encouraged to always work to the best of their ability. 

The Key Stage 2 staff work as a team to ensure that the curriculum experienced by the pupils is exciting, educational and fun. I am responsible for computing, History and Geographyin school. 

Mrs Smith


We asked the class to tell us what they thought about Mrs Smith. This is a summary of what they wrote, compiled by our head girl.


Mrs Smith is a kind and helpful teacher. She helps us with things like: English, Maths, Reading and S.P.A.G and makes sure we understand everything. Every day without fail she checks our handwriting for pen licences, does the register, checks our planners and much more! She is a great help when there is a problem or if you need any extra help. She helps teach the year 5 & 6 and she should get a world record for the busiest and most hardworking teacher. Mrs Smith is a caring and wonderful teacher who we all love. She is an important part of our team and our team is where she belongs!!!

We are Problem Solvers 

On Wednesday morning, all the school embraced solving problems in maths! The KS2 children worked together to solve many different problems. A great day was had by all and the children and they learnt so much.

We are Egyptian Paper Makers! 

We are Investigators!

We have been investigating electricity during our science lessons.

How does the number of batteries effect the brightness of a bulb?

Mixing it up!

We are Directors

Egyptian Model Making

We have made our own play dough, modelled it into characters and animated film using the IPads.

We produced some fantastic films. 

Key Stage 2 SATs - presentation for parents

KS2 SATs presentation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.1 MB]

Diwali Craft Morning 


We had a great session learning about why Diwali is celebrated. We made Diwali sweets and looked at art work associated with the festival. 

Our Class

We are the Star Attendance Class!

                     Our Fantastic Homework 

                                                          Our Trip to Cresswell Crags 

Wollaton - 2015-16

Planning a school trip
This is the resource that the children will need for their big write on Wednesday 4th May 2016. We have chosen Star Wars day for their big write day so that they can use all their extra powers to produce their best writing ever.

You can use the resource to help them prepare for their writing. Children who can talk about what they want to write, often write much better!
School trip cards-2.doc
Microsoft Word document [46.0 KB]

Here are some of the soundbites and observations that were gathered when the children were working on the task!

Kaiden said, that a fact might not be useful on its own, but it might be useful with another fact.

Karleigh is pairing facts to help them make sense. She is seeing the maths that needs to be calculated in order to give the facts meaning for the letter.

Alfie and Regan are busy working out that they need to add together the total number of boys and girls to work out the number of children. Then they need to know how many adults are going to make the total number of visitors. Then they can choose what size bus they need to book.

Problem Solvers-facing up to the challenge!

Preparing the display for a new topic!

Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty, from Wollaton Class. 

The card has now been posted to the Queen. If you would like to check the progress of the deliver to Her Majesty, please log on to www.parcelforce.com/traack and input the barcode FWFP6986096GB

Wollaton and Clumber class sharing stories, April 2016

Art and Design-World War One, April 2016

Parents ...In the process of planning work for the children, I have come accross two great webpages that you might want to take a look at. They certainly helped me!


BBC Skills Wise (which has lots of maths and english suport aimed at adults and

The School Run (which contains English and Maths worksheets and help).


I hope that you find them helpful. I know that I did!


Ms J Porter

Wollaton Class play rugby in the lovely spring sunshine! April 2016


Adverb Phrases and Adverb Clauses
A sample of work about how to include adverb phrases and adverb clauses in written work.
Applying our knowledge of adverb phrases[...]
Microsoft Word document [19.1 KB]

Continuing our art work about WW1, March 2016

Wollaton Class Drumming Performance, Februsry 2016

Changing Experiences of War-Wollaton's spring term topic

Knitting Puttees, February 2016

STONEWALL-Acceptance without exception, divesity champions

Stonewall Charity-Diversity Champions

During our very first lesson entitled-differnt families, same love......


One wonderful Wollaton pupil, called Kaiden Crowe( I asked his permission) said "If two people love each other so much, then no one can doubt them".  What an inspiration statement this was, made by a very elloquent young man!


Sonewall is a charity established to empower individuals, transform institutions, to change heart and minds in the name of equality for all.

Click here to be taken straight through to the Stonewall website.


During the course of our work around Different Families, Same Love, the children will have the oportunity to learn more about love, relationship and family structures in 21st Century.


They will be given chance to ask questions, raise issues and express concerns, worrries, celebrations and good news stories about themselves and their families. We will be using stonewall teaching materials. If you would like to ask any questions about what we will be teaching, do let us know.

Different Family Structures

Harley's family structure
Harley was really motivated by our different families work. He is proud of his family.
Family Structure.jpg
JPG image [2.3 MB]

Week one

Lola's poem!
Lola is so interested by our work this week about same love, different families, that she went home and made up a poem of her own. She has written lots more, if you would like to see them, please just ask her!
Lola's poem.jpg
JPG image [4.1 MB]

Week 2

Archie's views
Archie wanted to share his views on the topic of same families, different love.
Same Love, different families.jpg
JPG image [2.1 MB]

Week 3

A design, created by Millie

Week Four

Class group work on our theme, DIFFERENT FAMILIES, SAME LOVE

International Safer Internet Day, 9th February 2016


Wollaton Class are already off the mark in proparing for Safer Internet Da y 2016


So far, the children have been considering their DIGITAL RIGHTS in the 21st Century.  The Britsh Library, in London, have been supporting the initiaitive to update the MAGNA CARTA with a new bill of Digital Rights, chosen by the public of the united Kingdon. The children were really clear at begin able to duggest what their digital rights should be. After we had suggested what these were, we looked closely at each others and showed our support for the choices by adding coloured ticks to each statemetn that we liked.


Next we began to consider what pledges we could make to make the internet a better place, importantly, choosing to rank our pladges according to the impact that we thought each pledge might have.

Safer Internet day lesson 1

A better internet

Tyler's pledge
Tyler pledged to play his part in a better internet
A Better Internet.jpg
JPG image [1.8 MB]

Alfie, Lola and Jack's pledges for a better internet

Safe or unsafe information?

To share or not to share?...This is what the children said....


Millie Dore said about today's lesson:

We have been sorting information that could be shared online. We have been deciding what sort of information is safe and not safe to share. We discussed our ideas and shared our opinions about a range of information that we could put online.

Alfie Gallagher said about today's lesson:

We have been learning about our digital footprint. Our digital footprint is information about our life that we choose to share online.

Wollaton Class have been busy interpreting the pupil surveys!

Wollaton Class have a focussed learning time dedicated to British Values.  We have started with BIG QUESTIONS:


Who am I?

What are we?

What is our commmon purpose?


The images below are a small sample of the pupils written responses.

Wollaton Class comments zone!

The children in Wollaton class have the chance to post comments online about any aspect of school life. On 27th May 2016, they had their first attempt. we will use this tool as a way of teaching them further about Internet rules, rights and responsibilities.


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