Pupil Voice

Junior Leadership Team 2016-17


Head Boy: Kaiden

Head Girl: Skye

Deputy Head Boy: Tyler

Deputy Head Girl: Leah

Election Speeches

Our pupil leadership team, elected by the school community meet regularly to discuss and act on a variety of issues regarding everyday school life. 


Areas of school life that they have had a major input into have included:


1. Responsible for editing and updating the school commitee webpages.

2. Class newsletter updates

3. Helping to choose the kind of toys and games that are available to use at playtimes.

4. Making decisions about the rewards and incentives for the children.

5. They help to promote a clear anti-bullying message and culture, with making an anti-bullying video

6. Organising fund raising activities that link to the school curriculum

7. Assisting in the appointment of new staff


Junior Leadership Team Work - 2015-16

The pupils have now completed an online survey about our school. Please click here to see.

Pupil Leadership Team 2015/16

The result of the Head and Deputy Boys and Girls elections are as follows:

Head Boy: Scott Attenborough

Head Girl: Alice Murray

Deputy Head Boy: Daniel Foster

Deputy Head Girl: Karleigh Green

The school has the chance to vote once per year for a head boy and head girl.  


As well as being members of the pupil council, the successful children are giving additional responsibilities and privileges that go with the job such as choosing new playground equipment, greeting guests and helping the head teacher.  

Here our 2015/16 head and deputy head girls and boys are already hard at work choosing the members of the pupil council for 2015-2016.


Children had the opportunity to be nominated. Following nominations, the leadership team have selected the 'best people for the job', based on thier knowledge, skills and experiences at school. As so many people have applied to be part of pupil council this year, we have decided to rotate the members on a termly basis.

Here are the results of our Pupil Council elections:


Autumn Councillors:


William Watt, Alfie Lilley, Regan Williams, Lola Holmes, Logan Crowe, Teagan Crowe, James Foster, Haydn Garner and Mackenzie Kelvey.


Spring Councillors:


Olivia Murray,Dylan Jones,Kian Smith,Ruby Myers-Hopkinson,Mia Cooper,Ethan Hodgkinson,Megan Crowe,Nathan Betts,Stanley Bottemley-Tuck and Keira Russell.

Summer Councillors:


Nella Budding, Sophie Haynes, Keira Dunn, Millie Dore, Archie Gooding, Jude Corkish, Esme Charlton, Jack Marshall, Bethany Ward, Larah Newbold


Here are our winning speeches:


Hello if you didn’t know my name is Scott


Today I’ll be convincing you to vote for me so let’s get to it. Firstly, I would adore become head boy as I feel I have the ability. If I was to become head boy it would be a great personal achievement.



At any time I would contribute to the school in a positive way. The things I could bring to the school are positivity…..helpfulness…..and many more. I am also keen to learn and very responsible thank you all for listening and please vote for me.


Hi. If you don't know me already, my name is Daniel and I am here to ask for you to vote for me to be your Head Boy this year.


I'm very friendly, good at helping people solve problems and always happy to help anyone.


I am sociable, responsible and an excellent role model. I would be proud to serve as your head boy.


If you elect me, not only will I aim to make this school the best school ever, but a fun and enjoyable school too. Learning is important but it is also important to enjoy other activities. I am quite a sporty person, enjoying football, climbing and swimming.


I've enjoyed getting to know many of you through my work on school council and think that it's vital to listen to the views of all the children in our school.


Every single child in this school counts, from the youngest in Rufford to the oldest in Wollaton. You are all important members of team Kimberley.


I'll happily put 100% into everything that I do and if you make me head boy, I'll make the school a better place, so please, vote for me, Daniel Foster. Thank you for listening.


Good morning. As some of you may know, my name is Karleigh and I am running and hoping for the part as Head Girl.


I will make sure that everybody is happy and will try to make everything you want (For example, new playtime equipment.) happen. However, I cannot make this school a better place because it is already the best it can be, but I will try my very hardest for everybody. I do not mind if I do not get the part as long as whoever does get it, does a good job. Thank you for listening.

Hi my name is Alice and i would like to become head girl.

If i was to become head girl, i would be a great achievement for me.Also i would put effort in talking to you whether it's through sport activities, lessons or just around school.I will be very supportive to people and hope to be a good role model for other people to look up to.I would hope you would feel free to come to me and tell me your opinions and i would put them forward and try to make a difference.I will be approachable and honest to every single pupil around school.

So please vote for me 

Thank you.