Sport and PE at Kimberley Primary School

Sports Premium 
For 2015 – 2016 academic year, our allocation was £8300 

Actual Expenditure:



Specialist football coach (after school club and interschool competitions)


Participation in interschool football competition – 1 x TA


After school netball club - 2 x TAs


Participation in netball festival – travel/parking costs


You Fish Primary Programme subscription  (focus on PP children)


TA to supervise fishing/travel costs


Shock Gym sessions – 1 x TA


Circuit training KS1 – 1 x TA


1 x TA to supervise swimming-additional lessons for those who hadn’t reached 25m


Eastwood & District Sports Annual Membership


All Steps First Dance after school club


Equipment to enable Play Activities at Lunchtime Scheme







  • Increased participation in a range of after school provisions.
  • 60 children participated in after school sports.


  • Increased participation for a wider range of pupils.
  • 22 pupil premium children participated in after school sports.
  • Whole school fitness day arranged with a paralympian to celebrate the Paralympic games. Children from EYFS – KS2 participated.


  • Participation in inter-school competitions.
  • Participation in football and netball interschool competitions and festivals.
  • Participation in a school swimming gala.


  • Increased physical literacy in KS1: Shock gym and circuit training.
  • Improved resources for the lunch time guided play activities.



Intended Use of Sports Premium 2016– 2017


The allocation of Sports Premium for 2016 – 2017 is approximately £8705.00


The Sports Premium will be used:


To increase participation in after school sports provisions:

  • All children in KS1 and KS2 will be offered the opportunity to attend at least 1 after school activity.
  • A wider range of provisions will be offered to encourage participation by more pupils.


To engage with the Broxtowe School Sport Partnership, which will:

  • Provide a School Sports Co-ordinator linked to the Hall Park family of schools.
  • Allow access to a wide range of inter-school sports festivals and competitions.
  • Allow access to professional development opportunities for school staff.


To increase participation in intra and inter-school competitions and festivals:

  • Develop strong links with external sports clubs to encourage pupils to participate in sport beyond school.
  • Offer all children in KS1 and KS2 the opportunity to engage in at least one event from the School Games Calendar.


To build sustainable sport in school through:

  • Engaging with outside providers to offer CPD opportunities to teaching staff.
  • Training a group of Year 6 pupils as Sports and Play Leaders.


To engage the services of Sports coaches to enhance the quality of our provision for Physical Education and extra-curricular sports activities and clubs.


To provide transport to sporting events for large groups of pupils.


To purchase additional sports and play equipment.

The rationale behind our spending of the School Sports Funding
Kimberley Primary School Vision for use [...]
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Sample of the outline of training which the staff undertook using the sports funding
Confirmed PE proposal to X Pro coaching.[...]
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A summary report to governors explaining how the money was used during financial year 2013-2014
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Sport relief 2016

Fitness Circuit with David Hill - Paralympic swimmer and triathlete