Vision and Values

"The emphasis teachers give to developing pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is helping the school to develop as a united and happy learning community"  (Ofsted 2015)

This is our logo.  We chose it because it reminds us all that we should always work hard to achieve our targets.  When we achieve our targets, we feel great!


Our motto is 'Go On And Learn!'.  The children chose this motto as the first letters of each word spell out the word GOAL.  They thought that this would remind them to always work hard towards their personal goals.



During a review of our behaviour policy, we also reduced the number of rules we had in school.  We now operate under the following:


At Kimberley Primary School we are:








Our Vision

"At Kimberley Primary School, we challenge every individual to 'Go On And Learn'.  We value and respect everyone’s contributions. Working together, we will be the best that we can be."


Our Values

How we promote British Values at Kimberl[...]
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Below is a list of the values that are at the heart of our work and that we want to see in all aspects of school life.  Throughout school, we are committed to promoting British Values and preparing our children for life in modern Britain.


Putting safety first

The safety and welfare of the whole school community is our first priority.  We will provide a safe environment where children can learn and develop, and where children know they can raise any concerns and will be listened to.  Through our teaching, we will also work with our children to make sure they know how to stay safe.

Teaching that challenges & raises aspirations

We believe that, in order for our children to succeed, we must provide engaging teaching that is accessible to everyone, promotes a love of learning & encourages everyone to be the best they can be by providing challenging targets and opportunities for active and independent learning.

Providing a stimulating learning environment

The school will provide a stimulating environment that inspires and motivates our children to come to school every day, ready & willing to stretch themselves, try new things and to keep on trying even when it seems difficult. 

Shaping good citizens for the future

We believe the school's role goes well beyond academic learning and that we play a vital role in helping our children to grow into fully rounded individuals who will go on to become good citizens and contribute positively to our society and preparing them for life in modern Britain. Staff and governors provide good role models and recognise the need to focus on nurturing our children's creative, physical, social & emotional growth as well as providing moral guidance to help children develop self-discipline and make the right choices.  The governors have set out clear behaviour principles that they expect to be adhered to and these underpin the behaviour policy in school.

Creating an effective learning partnership

We believe that success is only possible where there is a genuine partnership between the school (staff and governors), parents/carers & children and that we are all working together to help our children reach their goals. This is why we have written an education partnership agreement that clearly sets out what we each need to do and emphasises that we are all responsible for our children's learning.

Valuing everyone

We love the fact that we are each different and value what every individual brings to our school community.  We encourage our children to value and respect themselves and others and to make sure that fairness and understanding is evident in our words, actions and relationships with others.   Bullying at our school is not tolerated.

What Ofsted saw when they visited


When Ofsted inspectors visited our school in May 2015, they were able to see evidence of our values within school and commented:


"The emphasis teachers give to developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is helping the school to develop as a united and happy learning community."


"Pupils say that they feel safe and they trust staff to help them if they need it."


"Pupils behave well at all times."


"Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is developed well throughout the school, preparing pupils well for life in modern Britain. Pupils respect and tolerate those who are different, and their work shows that they enjoy exploring traditional British values, such as through studying the recent general election and holding elections of their own. Their workbooks show that pupils understand and respect the beliefs and needs of others. Pupils show high levels of tolerance and respect for those who are different to themselves. Pupils have a good understanding and appreciation of the beliefs and traditions of people of other faiths."


"The school ensures that there is no discrimination shown by any members of the school community. In assemblies, staff celebrate pupils who have demonstrated the school’s values of good attitudes, behaviour and care for others, and those who have worked hard and made good progress."


"Most pupils display positive attitudes to their work and this is now helping them to make better progress than in the past. They work hard and persevere in their activities. They confidently discuss their work with partners and generally concentrate well when they work on their own."


"Pupils are polite and well mannered. They enjoy talking about their work to visitors. They are very proud of their work and their school community."

Our children understand and share the school's values


The following poem, written by a Year 5 pupil, brilliantly sums up the school's values and what 'Go On And Learn' means to him..


We like to celebrate our success