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Centaur Class (Year 5)

Welcome to Centaur Class


Our teacher is Mrs Wilde.

About our teacher


Our class teacher is called Mrs Wilde. She has a horse named Olive and she has a dog named Bruce and she has recently rescued a kitten called Lettie too. Also,Mrs Wilde is a vegan so she doesn't like to eat anything from animals. Mrs Wilde is a very kind, creative and fun teacher. Furthermore,she is our school English lead and she is very kind to her fellow staff mates. Mrs Wilde makes learning fun for everyone in Centaur class so everyone likes school. I also think she has improved our learning ALOT including Maths,EnglishSpellings and Science. 


About our teacher


Mrs Wilde is our very creative teacher who makes learning a whole lot of fun. She is very smart and I dont know how, but has improved every single person lots, whether it's fractions, spag or long multiplication.

Mrs Wilde is vegan and doesn't eat anything from an animal. She has a horse,(Olive) dog,(Bruce) and a little kitten called Lettie.

Mrs Wilde is a brilliant, kind, amazing teacher and class centaurs is very pleased to have her.

Hi we're Class centaurs school Council and we have been given the mammoth job of updating our classes page - weekly!


Throughout the Autmn term we have done some pretty memorable things and because of this we have been very busy meaning we couldn't keep you up to date with us. Here are some of the things we have been up to:



Our overall topic was 'The Tale Of Three Villages'. During that topic, we did many activities to fill our brains with knowledge. This is a taster of what we did: we wrote a news report where we interviewed Homo-Sapiens and asked them what had happened when they woke up and saw all of the water. After that, we all got into groups and acted out a news flash. We also learnt about the role of monarchs and about significant rulers through British History. 



We started off doing Place Value (AFL). We learnt most of it from our targets; but every few days we would use our ABACUS text books. As well as doing: Roman Numerals, Regular and Irregular Shapes, Column addition, Column Subtraction and Mental Addition and Subtraction. We also have been working on our arithmetic skills every week and we do something called 'Fast Maths' 4 times a week to improve our times table recall speed.



In English Mrs Wilde (our teacher) has helped us improve our vocabulary. Some of the writing we did was: All about me, Adjectives and Dreams. We also wrote a Warning Story using the new Talk for writing structure  and a non-chronological report on different unicorns too. Here are some quotes from our class members about the new Talk for writing - "I like it because it helps you learn different styles of writing instead of just reading the texts," "I like the story maps because the pictures help you remember the text and it gives you ideas for what to write," "It helps you when you write your own version as you know the pattern in the text,"



In  art we learnt about L.S Lowry and did some art using the same colours and style. We produced some beautiful art. 


Design Technology

Linking with our topic, we reserached, designed and made our own Victorain doll houses. Our trainee teacher - Ms Southall - took the lead with this and she shared her love and knowledge of the Victorians to help us. 



All of Year 5 joined in with swimming lessons this term, with some people being selected for the Gala in the Spring term. Mr.Pitman was our sports coach at the start of the year and we carried out lots of different activities. Some of our class represented the school in cross-country and football tournaments, along with Boccia too. 


Class read 

We enjoyed reading 'farther', which was an emotional story that we could make predictions as we read using the beautiful illustrations.



We used Purple Mash to work on our computing skills and also to help us produce an online safety cartoon strip. We also used it to practise spellings and to play games linked with our science topic of electricity. In our ICT sessions we also play Time Table Rockstars, an online game which helps us get faster at times table. Our class won our first battle of the bands against Pegasus. Winner will play winner in the next round!



Our topic for science in the autumn term was electricity. We made circuits light by connecting different parts and we also took part in some very heated debates about renewable and non-renawable energy! The judge had a tricky job to make sure everything was fair and under control!



Something we are very good at is attendance  - we obviously like coming to school every day as we are usually the weekly winners of the attendance!

Spring Term