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COVID-19 Information for parents

Our main priority for the 2020-21 academic year is to enable students to achieve or surpass their academic and social potential by supporting them to quickly and safely return to the normality, routines and structure of school and learning. This priority and the government safety guidelines have informed all of our planning.


Children should not attend school if they are unwell.  Please use the interactive tool to help you decide whether their symptoms require a test.


What to do if your child or one of your family displays symptoms of Coronavirus:

Let the school know immediately and request a test via the NHS


Self-isolate if:


Let the school know the result as soon as possible.


Our risk assessment details how we will implement the Essential Measures that the government have advised and how we will respond to a confirmed case of Coronavirus within our setting.

In the Event of School Closure


If we were subject to a school closure due to a local or national outbreak, home learning would continue through a mix of work packs, virtual contact and online learning.  The document below explains how we would manage to continue to educate remotely.

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