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Kimberley Primary School

Education Partnership Agreement

As the whole school staff we will:


  • Provide high quality learning opportunities so that our pupils achieve their fullest potential;
  • Provide parents with the information they need to understand how their child is progressing, including against national standards;
  • Ensure a safe and caring environment in which we treat everyone equally;
  • Teach the children how to make the right choices;
  • Listen to any concerns that children, parents and carers have about school.


As a pupil I will be:


  • Kind
  • Prepared
  • Safe


As a family we will:


  • Make sure we arrive at school on time, every day;
  • Ensure attendance remains at least as high as 96% or greater and avoid taking children out of school for any reason during school term time;
  • Work together with school to help our child achieve their potential, including supporting them with homework;
  • Keep school informed of any issues which relate to the child’s wellbeing including reporting lateness before the school day starts and providing reasons for non-attendance;
  • Attend events to do with our child’s education and learning.


As the governing body we will:


  • Make sure the school's vision and values are evident in every aspect of school life;
  • Make sure the school fulfills its statutory duties;
  • Attend governor meetings and make informed decisions in the best interests of the school;
  • Actively gather information about the school by looking at data on the progress of our children, visiting school to see it in action and seeking the views of parents, children and staff.
  • Support the Head Teacher and all staff in providing the best education for our children,at the same time as holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of our children;
  • Be proactive and bold in driving forward school improvement;
  • Oversee the finances of the school and make sure that the money is wel spent;
  • Be open and transparent in our work.