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Elves Class (Year 2)

Summer 2 T4W – Supertato

In our Talk for Writing unit we will be using the model text ‘Supertato’. We will learn both the text and the structure of it off by heart. We will then write our own exciting superhero stories following a similar plot structure. Use the text map below to tell the story. Can you make up your own super vegetable story?

Picture 1
Picture 2

Term 6

Our next topic is about ‘The Seaside’, and our focus this term will be learning about different places and the people that live and work there. We will look at how seaside holidays have changed over time and share our own experiences. We will be comparing where we live to seaside locations, and identifying any similarities and differences between them. We shall also be finding and naming the oceans around the world, as well as human and physical features of the environment. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Summer 1 T4W – A journey tale

Our model text this term is The Papaya that spoke. We have heard and discussed the story before creating a text map to help us orally retell it. Your child could rehearse the text with you using the images above. 

We all got to see what a papaya looked like inside and were then lucky enough to taste it - with mixed reviews!



Term 5

Our topic this term is Safari. We started off our topic by learning a new song all about the seven continents of the world. We then focussed on Africa and used an atlas to locate countries within Africa. We will now learn all about the life and animals within Kenya. 

Term 4

Welcome back to our second spring term. This term’s topic has a Science focus and we will be exploring our local habitats. During this ‘Forests’ topic we will identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants. The children will learn terms such as evergreen and deciduous and how to group and classify different plants and trees.

We are really looking forward to our visit to Attenborough Nature Reserve to enhance our topic work. This will be on Thursday 28th March. 


Our focus for Science this term is – Plants.

We have looked at the parts of plants and their different functions. This week we have started to investigate what a plant needs in order to grow healthily. The children have set up an experiment to test their predictions.



We have four groups:

  • Seeds given water and sunlight.
  • Seeds given soil and water.
  • Seeds given soil and sunlight.
  • Seeds given soil, water and sunlight.


Ask your child what they think the result of our experiment will be! Can they explain why?


Spring T4W – A non-chronological report

After reading the story Meerkat Mail we read a model non-chronological text all about meerkats. We have then created a text map to help us orally retell the report. Your child could rehearse the text with you using the image below. 



Monday 21st January

The cold weather has not stopped us, we are thoroughly enjoying our weekly cricket sessions. We have been learning how to throw and catch balls accurately through fun, creative games. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

An interesting visitor…


This week Mrs Turner-Rowe brought the Kimberley snake to Elves Class. The children had prepared questions to ask and then wrote about the interesting facts they had learnt. This term we will be learning how to use this information to create a non-chronological report about snakes.



Term 3

Welcome back to a new year and a new term. Our topic this half term is ‘Explorers’. This is an exciting topic where the children will learn about famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. 

3rd December 2018

The children are very excited this week; we have received a mysterious letter, delivered by an owl! The children will be creating their own stories based around the letter, following our journey story structure. We can’t wait to read them!




This term’s model text for Talk 4 Writing is Billy the Brave Knight.

The children have drawn a text map for the story and are fantastic at retelling the whole story – Well done Elves Class.

Next we will be innovating the story to change parts to create own version of the story. 



Term 2

Please find our curriculum letter for this term. 


Thursday 4th October 2018


Over the past couple of weeks we have been enjoying our Philosophy for Children (P4C) sessions. P4C underpins our caring and questioning ethos. Children learn to listen to and respect one another and challenge and explore the beliefs and values of others, as well as developing their own views and making more deliberate and responsible judgements.

This week we have explored the question:

Should we face up to our fears?

In our discussion the children explored, what fear was, what makes us frightened and what might happen if we do face up to our fears. 



Tuesday 25th September 2018

Elves Class are thoroughly enjoying their weekly P.E. lessons with our sports coach Mr Pitman. This week we have learnt about the importance of teamwork and ways to work closely together. We have also been improving our ball skills and the importance of ‘soft hands’ when catching a ball.

Please make sure your child has their P.E. kit in school every Tuesday and Wednesday. 



Monday 14th Spetermber 2018

Purple Mash

Today we have been creating our Purple Mash avatars. The children have had great fun choosing their individual facial features and clothes. Remember you can access Purple Mash at home; your child has their own login details in their school planner. The website is full of fun learning activities which cover all subjects. Have a look or come and talk to Mrs Dudley for inspiration.


Monday 7th Spetermber 2018

The Great Fire of London workshop

We had a fantastic morning learning all about The Great Fire of London. Partake Theatre company came in to deliver an exciting workshop, retelling the events and bringing the story to life. All the children enjoyed dressing up as citizens of London in 1666. We also had our very own King Charles 11 and Thomas Farriner, a huge thank you to Samuel and Nyomi. The children joined in with drama and dance enthusiastically, ask us about the facts we have learnt!



Welcome to Elves Class


Welcome to Year 2 - Elves Class. 

Our teacher is Mrs Dudley and our teaching assistant is Mrs Read. 


Our first topic this year is The Great Fire of London. We will learn about the history of the event and look at how the city of London has changed since then. 


Keep checking our webpage to see all of the exciting things we have been learning about. 


If you any questions please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Dudley.

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