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Jupiter (Year 2)

Welcome to Jupiter Class!

My name is Mr. Beresford, I'm in my fourth year at KPS and this will be my second in KS1. I will be ably supported by my colleague Mrs. Read 4 days a week.


Why Jupiter Class?

This year we've chosen to name our classes after the planets, running in order backward through the school. This means that Year 2 will be known as Jupiter Class, the 5th planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. 


Our Curriculum

Click the link below to find out more about how we structure, plan and deliver our curriclumn at KPS. This page will also be updated regularly with the overviews of our learning for each term.

Curriculum Overview - Autumn Term

In the Autumn term our curriculum studies will focus around the concept of 'Amazing Places and Spaces' in which we will take a geographical look at the United Kindgom, Great Britain and the British Isles.


The children have previously studied the basic elements of this area of the curriculum however in Year 2 we will look to build on their existing knowledge to advance and deepen their understandings. 


In Biology we will focus on living things, including their basic needs, habitats, and classifications. In Chemestry are studies will cover materials, their properties and how objects are made. Finally, our Physics studies will see the class conduct simple tests that demonstrate how light enables sight.


The documents below are our curriculum overviews for each half of the term. These should give you an idea about what the children will be learning in the coming weeks.


Curriculum Overview - Spring Term

In the Spring term our curriculum studies will shift to a historical focus. The children will recap and build upon previous learning about some of the 'Great and Ghastly Events' that took place between the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the Moon Landing in 1969. 


This terms Science will be dominated by Biology. We will be conducting an ongoing experiment to help us describe the similarities and differences of plant growth including how changes to the environment affects this. In addition, will be creating a guide to identifying types of animals and learning about inherited genetic traits (resembling parents).


Excitingly, in the 5th week of the term we will have a visit from Animal Club Workshop who will be bringing in some animals for the children to meet!


The remainder of our Science coverage will be focused on Physics, covering categorisation of sounds and how magnetism can be used to move objects.


Below I will attach documents that outline the remaining aspects of our curriculum coverage this term. These should give you an idea about what the children will be learning in the coming weeks.

Curriculum Overview - Summer Term

This term we will be studying under the theme of 'Australian Adventure' in which we will be exploring global geographical features such as the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We'll also define and learn about climates and weather, looking more specifically at how we can classify extreme weather.


Our Science focuses this term will be split between deepening our understandinf of living things in Biology, materials in Chemistry and diagnosing problems with circuits in Physics.


In PE the children will learn the basics of ballet, delivered by a qualified dance coach. Children will be provided with a pair of ballet shoes to wear during the sessions.