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Kimberley Primary School

Kandinsky Class (Year 5)

My name is Mrs Wilde and I am the class teacher for Year 5. 

In our class this year, we also have our Teaching Assistant Mrs Kempa and a Student Teacher Mr Leary.

We're all looking forward to this year at Kimberley Primary School!

Knowledge Organisers

We structure our curriculum teaching around a group of ideas and outcomes that we include in our knowledge organisers. These documents help us plan our lessons and ensure that children are exposed to key ideas and vocabulary.

Writing about Warriors!

Writing about Warriors! 1 What was it like to be an Iron Age Warrior?
We've been researching warriors and soldiers from different time periods and looking at what it would be like to be one, and what are the differences between a warrior from the Iron Age, or a Roman Centurion?

Text Maps

Text Maps 1
We've been using a technique called 'text mapping' to look at how a story is laid out, how the author creates emotions and how we can use them to write our own stories.

The Unseen Face

The Unseen Face 1 How can we create tension and suspense?
Here's one of many great poems written by our students using the title 'The Unseen Face'. We were looking at how to use different literary techniques to create suspense and tension. I think they did a great job!