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Late/Absence Procedures



Leaders’ actions are improving the overall rates of attendance and reducing the persistent absence of certain groups of pupils. The headteacher has brought this improvement about by using a member of staff with a special brief for improving attendance.

The school celebrates regular attendance every week. The corridor display shows the weekly attendance of each class. Pupils who attend school regularly receive certificates. This is helping to promote improved rates of attendance.




To report your child's absence from school please email:



100% attendance at school is, of course, extremely important and parental support in ensuring this is paramount. We wish to give our children the very best education possible, therefore unauthorised absence in unacceptable.


Attendance and punctuality are monitored regularly. Our policy is to not authorise any absences from school due to holidays. Unauthorised absence means that a child has been absent from school and parents/carers have failed to provide us with an acceptable reason for the absence.

We aim for every child to have attendance above 95% and have introduced a weekly class attendance award and other award systems to support this.




Parents wishing to take their child on holiday during term time should request a holiday form from the school office at least 4 weeks before the holiday takes place. Any holiday taken will have to be recorded as 'family holiday – not agreed – Unauthorised absence'.  You may be issued with a fine if you take your child out of school for an unauthorised, family holiday.


Details of term dates for the current year and next year, along with additional school closure days can be found on our Term Dates, Holidays and Inset Days page.


Arriving late to school


Every moment of the school day is valuable and that is why we like our children to be here ready to work from 8.45am onwards. Families can come on to the premises from 8.30am onwards when the gate is opened. The first whistle will sound at 8.40am, indicating that children should line up, in their class lines, on the main playground. When the second whistle sounds they should be in their lines, quiet, ready to walk into school with their class.  Children should be in classrooms, ready to learn, by 8.45am.


Lateness is not acceptable unless there are specific reasons. These should be shared with the head teacher as early as possible so that the reason can be dealt with quickly and in the interests of the child. Persistent lateness and absence will be challenged directly by the head teacher and if necessary a referral will be made to the targetted support team or early intervention team at local authority level. 


To make our expectations clear we would like to share with you the following attendance guidelines:


97%+ Excellent



90-92.7%-Needs improving

Less than 90%-Serious concern

Less than 85%-Referral to an attendance advisor (persistent absence)


Please remember that the only acceptable reasons for absence are:


Medical appointment

Religious observance

Leave of absence with the schools permission in advance


The following reasons for absence are unacceptable:

Family holiday


Looking after another member of the family/ another member of the family is unwell

No alternative method of getting to school is organised by the parents or carers when they are not able

No uniform/shopping to buy uniform


Any of the reasons mentioned above will mean that an absence is unauthorised


Leave may be given in some circumstances providing the matter is discussed with the head teacher in advance


Penalty notices for persistent absence


Nottinghamshire County Council have released the code of conduct for penalty notices issued for attendance and lateness. It is important that we bring these matters to your attention for consideration.  Below are some important extracts from the report which give clear guidance on dealing with absence and lateness:


‘Persistent Absence'

Once a child has reached 3 days (6 sessions) unauthorised absence over a 6 week rolling period, the school can issue or ask the Local Authority to issue a warning letter. The letter will make it clear that any further absence may result in the issuing of a Penalty Notice to each parent for each child to whom persistent absence applies.

If the unauthorised absence persists and then rises to 5 days (10 sessions) over a 6 week rolling period then the school can issue or ask the Local Authority to issue Penalty Notices to each parent for each child to whom persistent absence applies.


A penalty notice may be issued where a pupil is persistently late for 10 separate instances over a period of six school weeks.’


More information about attendance, absence and truancy can be found on the Nottinghamshire County Council website.

You can also find out more about the responsibilities of parents in relation to school attendance, and the potential penalties parents can face for non-compliance on the Direct Gov website.