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Kimberley Primary School

Mercury (Year 6)

Welcome to Mercury Class


My name is Mrs Stevenson and I am the class teacher for Year 6.


Mrs Smith will be the Teaching Assistant working in our class to support the children in preparing for their SATS. 


I am really looking forward to the year ahead and I know Mercury Class will work really hard to reach their goals. 

Mercury Class Charter

Our local PCSOs came into our class to talk to our class about keeping ourselves safe.

Our cross-curricular writing about the impact Adolf Hitler had on WW2

Some examples of final pieces based on batik patterns that we have been researching in our art lessons

Proving that a solvent can only absorb a certain amount of solid

DT - Measuring and sawing with accuracy

Geography - Using our maths skills to compare the population of different cities in North America

Maths Morning - An Introduction to Freckle

DT Final Pieces - We made our own fairground ride designs

Irreversible Changes

DARE Graduation

Clip and Climb SATS reward

Experimenting with the size of shadows

Jane Goodall Biographies