Welcome to Kimberley Primary & Nursery School.

Kimberley Primary School


KPS will be open as usual for ALL children tomorrow. We look forward to seeing them and hearing all about their Christmas and New Year.  


We have updated our risk assessment as per government guidelines and staff will continue to ensure that children regularly wash their hands and stay in allocated spaces within the classroom and have no contact with other children who are not in their phase group whilst they are in school. May I take this opportunity to thank them for their professionalism and dedication at this time in the face of constant media coverage and criticism of the education sector. 


If your child will not be in for any reason, please do send an email to: or leave a message by phoning 01159385050 option 1.


Please do not ring school to speak to anyone as we anticipate that we will be busier than usual in the morning and we are operating reduced staff in our office due to social distancing requirements.  If we need clarification of reasons for absence, we will contact you.


Please do remember to wear masks when dropping off and picking up and keep your distance from others, including staff on the gates.  We ask that you contact us via email if you wish to share any information about your child to ensure that we don't have any crowding or congestion at the gates.