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Kimberley Primary School

Exciting Playground Developments - 12.7.17

We’re delighted to announce, that we’ve further improved our outdoor learning environment with resources that will develop children’s physical ability and fine motor skills.

Our new development includes a challenging Log Frame Climber which will help build children’s climbing confidence, overall strength and hand to eye coordination.

We have also added an excellent range of playground markings that will inspire active play. These include targets, hopscotch designs and even snakes and ladders.

To help children keep score of these activities, we included mark making score boards. This will naturally develop the children’s writing skills and mathematical thinking as they keep scores.

Moreover, we installed a wonderful Damming Station to promote messy play and teamwork. The children will need work in teams to try and stop the flow of water.

We worked with Pentagon Play on this project and highly recommend them to any school looking to develop their outdoor area. You can visit their website here –