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School Closure - Home Learning Information

Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you for your patience at this time, in particular for not phoning school asking for further information.  It has enabled us to spend time today ensuring we have everything in place.


At this time, we have had no further clarification as to who will be classified as Key Workers.  As soon as we have this, we will be sending out a form for you to complete should you fall into this category.  Please be aware that our initial understanding is that both parents will need to fall into the category for a place to be available at school but this is yet to be confirmed.


A guide to our home learning provision is on the Home Learning page.  We have suggested a timetable so that children have a routine to enable them to feel like things are as normal as they can be.  Each teacher will record a short video for the children to watch each morning (Videos will be posted on our YouTube channel)  which will outline the activities they have to complete.  The majority of this work will be based around our Purple Mash online learning package. You will also have received your child's login details for this.  Please support them to complete this work.  


All links for home learning are on our website here:

We will also add to this as time goes on.


Children will also be able to email their teachers through Purple Mash so that they have contact with their teachers and other school staff.


Home learning will follow the pattern of the school year so no work will be set through the Easter holidays.


Senior Leaders in school will endeavour to make contact with each of our families at least once a week via phone or email.  Please feel free to respond.  All queries should be directed through our  


If you have any safeguarding concerns about any family or child during this extraordinary time, please contact the Multi Agency SafeguardingHub:


We have spent time today, talking to the children, explaining what has happened and reassuring them that school is a safe place.  May I take this opportunity to say that we are incredibly proud of the staff, children and parents of KPS.  Stay safe, be kind to each other and know that we are there if you need support.


Kind Regards,


Lisa Turner-Rowe