Welcome to Kimberley Primary & Nursery School - we are open for identified children only. All children have daily work set by their teachers for home learning.

Kimberley Primary School

Franklin Class (Year 4)

Spring Term 1 

Curriculum Overview

Our topic is Eurovision, we will be focusing on Geography and all the countries within Europe, including mountains and rivers. 


In Science, we'll be looking at the water cycle, balanced diets, states of matter and light and deepening our knowledge and skills in these areas, building on what we covered in Year 3.


In P.E we will be doing Gymnastics and we will also have time to learn some Music with Mr Stevenson! 


In Art our focus artist is Claude Monet and we will be looking at his impressionist paintings of rivers.


I have attached below our Curriculum overview...

Home Learning Spring Term


Due to the government announcement on January 4th, all learning will now be carried out at home unless your child is a key worker child. 


Children will be expected to start the day at 8:30am like normal and will be following the same timetable as they would in school. All communication will be via Teams and all assignments will be set on there too.  I will be available to answer questions about the work set via our email.


Every morning I will provide the timetable for the day and it will also be on here for reference.

Thank you again for your continued support. 

Mrs Shelton 



Franklin Class Timetable w/c 04.01.21

Franklin Class Timetable w/c 11.01.21

Autumn Term II


Welcome back to another exciting half term with lots of exciting activities and opportunities.  We will be continuing to learn how to jive in our dancing classes and learning to play the ukulele.


As part of our history topic, we will be looking at the buildings & settlements of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Egyptians.  Full details are outlined below in this term's curriculum overview.

Reading Beanstalk Challenge


Can you reach the top of the reading beanstalk?  

  • Read at home
  • Record it in your planner
  • Every Friday your weekly reads are added to your total
  • Every 20 reads you move up a leaf and get closer to the top
  • Certificate & bookmark rewarded every time you move up to the next leaf



Reading Grows The Mind



Welcome to Franklin Class!

I am delighted to be moving up to Year 4 with you all, and as part of our team, I will be supported by my colleagues Miss Gittens and Mrs Read. 


Why Franklin Class?

Our class is named after the famous scientist, Rosalind Franklin, who is known for her work which was key to unlocking the secrets of the DNA molecule. 


I'm looking forward to another fun-packed year with you, with lots of opportunities to try new things, as well as improving our skills in other areas.  During Autumn term, we will be having dance lessons and will be continuing to learn to play the ukulele.


I hope you have a lovely Summer holiday and I will see you in our new classroom in September.

Best wishes,

Mrs Shelton

We spent transition days in our new classroom and started to prepare for Year 4.  We produced fact files about our scientist, Rosalind Franklin, did self portraits and each made a section of our class flag, as well as think about what we wanted to achieve in Year 4, with using a pen being very popular!


Both Mighty One & Talented Twos enjoyed a 'bubble' treat, which involved art activities, extended playtime and an ice lolly in the sun.  These afternoons were the perfect end to a very unusual year together! 

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