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Kimberley Primary School

Farady Class (Year 2)

Welcome to Faraday Class!

My name is Mr. Beresford, I'm in my third year at KPS and this will be my first in KS1. I will be ably supported by my colleague Mrs. Kelvey 5 days a week. We will also be joined for the majority of the year by Ms. Newman who is a student teacher placed with us here at KPS by East Midlands Teacher Training Partnership.


Why Faraday Class?

Our class is named after the famous scientist, Michael Faraday who is known for his work with electromagnetism. Faraday is perhaps best known for his work with enclosures that block electromagnetic fields, commonly known as Faraday Cages and this inspired our first piece of art work (see below).

Phonics Screening

As a results of the COVID-19 related school closures this cohort of children did not have the opportunity to complete their phonics screening, consequently the government has proposed that (subject to pending legislation) we administer a past version of the screening during the second half of the Autumn term. Children who meet the expected standard at this stage will not be required to take any further assessments. Those who do not meet the expected standard will be expected to take the statutory check in June 2021.


With this in mind we, as a Key Stage, have plans in place to best prepare the children for the aforementioned assessment throughout the first half term. 



The government has also confirmed its intentions for current Year 2 children to complete SATS in the Summer term (2021) as normal. 


Rights Respecting School - Class Charter

At KPS we are a Rights Respecting School. This means that we aim to, learn about, understand and demonstrate the rights afforded to children by the UN Convention on Children's Rights. 


This is our class charter for the 2020/21 academic year, focusing on children's right to health care, clear water, healthy food and a safe environment.


Curriculum Overview - Autumn 1

In the Autumn term our curriculum studies will focus around the concept of 'Let's Remember' in which we look through History a major events that shape our world today such as the Battle of Hastings, The Great Fire of London and The Space Race. 


The children have previously studied the basic elements of this area of the curriculum however in Year 2 we will look to build on their existing knowledge to advance and deepen their understandings. 


In Science we will be looking further into plant growth by conducting simple tests and categorising what we observe. We'll also be asking questions about the needs of animals, including humans.


The document below is our curriculum overview for the first half term (Autumn 1). This should give you an idea about what the children will be learning in the coming weeks.