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Warhol Class (Year 4)

Welcome to Warhol class page.

My name is Mr. Beresford, I'm now in my second year with Kimberley Primary School and I will once again be teaching in Year 4. I will be supported by my colleagues Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Read.


You can follow me on Twitter for updates (including photos) on what our class is up to: @MrJBeresford


Multiplication Tables Check:

This year will be the first in which children in Year 4 are (nationally) tested on their times table knowledge. We will have a 3 week window in June in which the children must take their test and will confirm specific dates in due course.


Consequently, times table practice will be of the upmost importance. Thankfully we have access to a number of fantastic resources to help the child, one of which is Times Table Rockstars. The game 'Sound Check' is built to work just like the test and is a friendly and fun way for the children build the skills they will need to be successful. Please encourage your child to play at home, they've all been given their usernames and passwords and know how to access the page (if not, click the hyperlinked words above).


Knowledge Organisers

We structure our curriculum teaching around a group of ideas and outcomes that we include in our knowledge organisers. These documents help us plan our lessons and ensure that children are exposed to key ideas and vocabulary.


Further knowledge organisers will be added to this page as the year progresses and we work through curriculum themes. 



Autumn Term:

This year we will be taking a new approach to our curriculum. This will see us study in the first half of this term under the theme of Land of Hope & Glory. The theme is primarily Geography focused but we will also explore other linked subjects. Our end of topic aim is for the children to be able to identify both human and physical features of both the local and national landscape. 


Please see the attached Curriculum Newsletter for details of our curriculum plans for this term.


This term we have the fantastic Mr. Fur in on Friday mornings to teach the children in LKS2 how to play the Ukulele. In lesson one we've already learnt how to hold the Ukulele, strum the strings and play our first chord. We're aiming to build toward the whole class being able to perform a song in unison!