Kimberley Primary School, Swingate - Welcome to Our New School Website!

Kimberley Primary School


Welcome from the Head Teacher


Welcome to Kimberley Primary and Nursery School’s website. I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to our school and the fantastic things we offer the children who come here.


At Kimberley Primary & Nursery School, we only have three rules. 

We are:




& Safe


This helps the children and adults to ensure that they are always thinking of others as well as themselves and everyone considers their actions and the way they speak and act around everyone. The support that everyone gives each other makes us a supportive and exciting team.


As you look around the website, you will see that we have high expectations of everyone in school.  As a team, we work hard to ensure that our curriculum is exciting, innovating and provides children with the skills that they need to become confident, educated and successful.  We are always looking to extend our children’s range of skills by offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities and encourage them to try at least one new thing per term.


As we continue to expand to admit 30 children per year group we still remain, very much, a community school.  The area around us is small but we ensure that our children understand the importance of looking after and being a part of the place where they live.  We have close contacts with local businesses and endeavour to ensure that we build on this every time the opportunity presents itself.


Visits to the school by prospective parents and families are most welcome.  Please contact the school office to make an appointment to meet with me or one of our senior leadership team.


Thank you for your interest in our school.  I look forward to meeting you and welcoming your child to Kimberley.


Lisa Turner-Rowe