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2017-18 & 2018-19 Annual Parent Survey -  Results and Responses


Your feedback and how we have responded...


Thank you for completing our annual Parent Survey during the Autumn of 2017 and again in 2018.  We were delighted that you had so much feedback for us.  Listed below are the comments we received in the survey, along with some of the things we've been doing in response to your feedback.  


You said


We did



Homework is sometimes not consistently given across all the classes or as regularly as we would expect.


Homework books have been purchased for each child between Y1 and Y6 for maths, spelling, grammar and English. This has helped streamline and keep consistent the expectations across school.


In addition, children are able to use Times Table Rockstars at home in order to improve their times tables and Purple Mash which has a variety of activities across the curriculum.


"Playground needs to be made a bit better!"


"Nursery climbing frame and shed need replacing."


"Few more permanent activity/play equipment on large playground."


The Early Years playground had new equipment in 2017 and new flooring in 2018.  A new playhouse was also placed in the early years area in September 2018.


The main playground has had a significant revamp and now has a Multi use Games Area (MUGA), new climbing equipment, a stage and benches and an outside classroom..


School Dinners

"More variety of food for kids as not all. Kids like that meal on the menu and if they want to bring pack lunch

should be aloud."

The new school menu has been chosen by the chilidren via their school council representatives.  In addition, there will be one meal a week where there is a starter rather than a desert, a salad accompaniment and fruit is always available. 


We are unable to offer a choice menu as our numbers are not high enough to sustain real choice.


We ask that all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children have universal free school meals as it promotes healthy eating, allows them to socialise and eat together and encourages them to try new things as their friends do too.



"Better communication in some areas"

We recognise that good home-school communication is vital. 


Our main communication with parents as a whole is through the school newsletter, which has been produced and distributed weekly during 20187-18.  (In addition, downloadable copies of the all the weekly newsletters are on the website.)


Letters regarding trips and other year group or class specific activies are sent out and copies of all letters home are placed on the website.


The news section contains up-to-date news on activities and achievements that have happened in school.


We have a Twitter feed which is updated a few times a week and feeds straight onto the website.


In addition, Marvellous Me is used as a communication platform and gives parents positive news about their child’s achievement.


We use text messages for urgent communications and parentmail emails are used for other messages.

The children’s home/school diary contains school information and can be used to send messages to school.


Finally, nothing beats face to face communication and we would urge you to speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance if you have any concerns.  They will be more than happy to speak with you.


Rewarding children

It was identified that 2% of parents didn't feel that they were kept informed about their child's progress - this is how we inform about the positive things children have done at school.

We accept that the best way to encourage good behaviour is for children to know that their good behaviour will be recognised and rewarded.  This is an integral part of the school's Behaviour policy which is reviewed annually. A copy of the Behaviour policy is available to download from the website.


We have improved the amount of rewards we give at school, these include:

  • The introduction of Marvellous Me – badges and virtual postcards sent home
  • Postcards home
  • Star awards where children are praised and have their star put on the wall of the headteacher’s office
  • Star Writer award
  • Star of the Week award
  • Phonecall home for good behaviour
  • stickers
  • Attendance awards for 95%, 98% and 100% attendance per half term
Assessment & Progress

It was identified that 2% of parents didn't feel that they were kept informed about their child's progress 

Children are assessed regularly throughout the school year and the reports will give the stage that they are working at, alongside their progress by the end of the year.

Parents are told where their children are working at during parents’ evenings in October and March.

Staff have used the planner to send home messages but will phone for particular incidents if required.

We also hold meetings with regards to: phonics, KS1 and KS2 SATS, reading morning and maths morning.


The progress of higher attaining children is a focus for the school and has been monitored and developed closely.. Our evidence shows that those pupils are catered for and are increasingly challenged and their rates of progress have increased.  This will continue to be a focus for the school in the coming academic year. 


Wrap around care

"I think wrap around care would be a great assett."


Our new before and after-school care club will open on 28th January 2019.

KPS Club



It was identified that 3% of parents felt that bullying was a problem in our school.

Although 97% of parents felt that bullying was dealt with effectively, a small percentage felt that it was a problem.  We have taken the following action


 The school has held an anti-bullying week

The policy has been redrafted with input from   parents, pupils and staff

A member of staff has overall responsibility for   monitoring incidents across the school

A restorative approach is being used to support   victims and ensure they have a voice

Accurate records of action taken are being kept   – particularly at lunchtimes

Review date set for February 2019





A large proportion of parents wanted to be able to pay for trips/visits/residentials and other items via an online payment system.



As from 7th January 2019, we will become a cashless school.  Payments will be taken via our SQUID app.