KPS Club

Our breakfast and after-school club provision is run by Mrs Howarth (Play Leader), Mrs Burrows (Breakfast Club Play Worker) and Miss Phimister (After-School Club Play Worker).


This is a new provision offered following requests from parents who wanted to use a child-care facility that supported the home/school transition and was open at times to suit their working lives.  There will be a variety of activities which promote communication, imaginative play, co-operative play, art and design, strategy through games and outside activity using our newly developed playground.


We are able to accept childcare vouchers in payment for places and we operate a booking system - both ad-hoc and in advance.


All places must be paid for prior to your child attending the session.



Terrible traffic? Got to work late? Dr's appointment? Can't get back to pick up the kids? KPS Club can now offer you some peace of mind with our after-school early pick up, 3.15-4pm for only £2 per pupil.

 We will collect your child/children from class and they can play until you arrive. If you require this service please contact the office and they will inform the KPS Club Play Team. All payments must be made via Squid.


Contact Information

You can contact the KPS Club Play Leader directly on:

Telephone number: 07930 933695


What we offer:

  • A breakfast, if required, served between 7.30 - 8.15am
  • Consistent care from 7.15 am through to 6.00 pm
  • A variety of stimulating activites and games throughout both sessions
  • An opportunity for children to play with their friends before and after school
  • A calm environment for the children to begin their school day
  • A clear communication system between home and school

Operating Times and Prices

Breakfast Club


Opening Times:  7.15 am - 8.45 am

Prices:               £3.00 per session (no breakfast)

                        £4.00 per session (with breakfast)


After-School Club


Opening Times:  3.15 am - 6 pm

Prices:               £7.00 per session (includes a small tea)


Late pick ups will be charged at a rate of £5 per 15 minute block.

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