KPS Club

Our breakfast and after-school club provision is run by Mrs Howarth (Play Leader), Mrs Burrows (Breakfast Club Play Worker) and Miss Phiminster (After-School Club Play Worker).


This is a new provision offered following requests from parents who wanted to use a child-care facility that supported the home/school transition and was open at times to suit their working lives.  There will be a variety of activities which promote communication, imaginative play, co-operative play, art and design, strategy through games and outside activity using our newly developed playground.


We are able to accept childcare vouchers in payment for places and we operate a booking system - both ad-hoc and in advance.


All places must be paid for prior to your child attending the session.

What we offer:

  • A breakfast, if required, served between 7.30 - 8.15am
  • Consistent care from 7.15 am through to 6.00 pm
  • A variety of stimulating activites and games throughout both sessions
  • An opportunity for children to play with their friends before and after school
  • A calm environment for the children to begin their school day
  • A clear communication system between home and school

Operating Times and Prices

Breakfast Club


Opening Times:  7.15 am - 8.45 am

Prices:               £3.00 per session (no breakfast)

                        £4.00 per session (with breakfast)


After-School Club


Opening Times:  3.15 am - 6 pm

Prices:               £7.00 per session (includes a small tea)


Late pick ups will be charged at a rate of £5 per 15 minute block.

Kids Club Registration Forms
Registration Form KPS club.docx
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Spring 1 - Advance Booking Form
booking sheet.doc
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Ad Hoc Booking form
AdhocPayment Fee KPS Club.doc
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Operational Policy
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