Kimberley Primary & Nursery School News 2017-2018

Library Visits for Rufford and Bramcote - 25.9.17

Children from Rufford and Bramcote have visited the library over the last few days and have had a thoroughly good time looking at books together and enjoying all that there is to do at the library.  We don't think they could believe just how many books there were to love and enjoy together.


With thanks to Kimberley Library for supporting our classes to do this and those parents and carers who helped with these visits.

We are Published Authors!  25.9.17

Children from Newstead and Wollaton classes entered a Young Writer's Competition and many of them received letters today to say that their story was being published in an anthology!


Well done to them all, it really is a great achievement.

Hot Chocolate Friday - 22.9.17



Harry, Maria and Scarlett were full of stories when we had hot chocolate and a biscuit this lunchtime.  It was such a pleasure to spend time with them and celebrate their achivements this week.

Harvest Food Donated - 22.9.17

Our Junior Leadership Team delivered 31 bags of Harvest food to the Eastwood Food Bank on Friday.  The team that met us were very grateful for the food that could now be organised and distributed to those families who need it most, within our community.


Thank you once again for your kindness and generousity - it will be appreciated much further than within our own school.

Japanese Students Visit Kimberley - 22.9.17

The children in Wollaton and Newstead classes hosted some students visitin from Japan who are training to be primary teachers today.


The students observed a typical teaching day and also took part in a PE lesson.  Our pupils got a chance to learn and write some Japanese too!  


Our visitors commented on the excellent attitudes and behaviour of the children around school.

Harvest Festival - 20.9.17

Harvest Festival, led by Revered Barbara, was very thought provoking this week and the children had a chance to really consider what was important and how we can show kindness, compassion and support.  


Thank you for all your kind donations, the Junior Leadership team will be taking them to Eastwood Food Bank by the end of the week so that they go to the families most in need.

Hot Chocolate Friday - 15.9.17

Every Friday, those children who have gone over and above what is expected of them at Kimberley, have a chance to have hot chocolate (with marshmellows of course) and a biscuit with me at breaktime.


 I've had a lovely chat with Haydn (Newstead) and Samual (Bramcote) this breaktime, the best part of my week!  They should be very proud of themselves, they've had an excellent start to the  new school year.

Warwick Castle visit - 13.9.17

Clumber and Sherwood visited Warwick Castle on Wednesday 13th September to kickstart their topic work.  They had a thoroughly good day and some decent weather!


We were particularly pleased that they represented the school so well, their behaviour, attitudes and enthusiasm was noticed and commented on.


Well done and thank you to all our volunteers who helped out on the trip. We couldn't have gone without you.

Ancient Egyptian Day - 11.9.17

Newstead and Wollaton have a truly magical day with our Egyptian expert.  The children have learnt lots of facts about Ancient Egypt whilst also having great fun.  If you would like to see more photos, they will be on the class pages later on this week.


Thank you to all those parents who contributed to this fantastic day and well done for the amazing costumes!


Thank you to Portals to the Past who ran this fantastic activity.

Kimberley Primary & Nursery News 2017-18

The new term is almost upon us! 


School begins for pupils on Thursday 7th September 2017 at 8.45am.  We look forward to seeing the children on the yard from 8.30am.  A reminder of our streamlined uniform policy:


Navy Blue cardigans/jumpers

White Polo shirts

Dark grey trousers or skirts

White, grey or black socks/grey tights

Black school shoes


Uniform is available for purchase from the school office or via Tesco:


All children will need a PE kit to be brought in at the start of the week.  This must include trainers for outside PE.


We look forward to seeing you!

Kimberley Primary School News 2016 - 2017

HMI Monitoring Report Published - 21.7.17

Our HMI Monitoring Inspection Report has been published today.  We are very pleased with the comments made about our school and feel it really reflects the progress achieved and the hard work of the staff, children and governors.  Well done to everyone and, as we break for the summer, thank you to everyone at the school and in the community for their continued support - we will continue to strive to be the very best we can be as we move into the new academic year.

HMI Monitoring Inspection July 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [181.7 KB]

Goodbye 21.7.17

Today we said a sad goodbye to Mrs Osborne and Mrs Gill. 


Both members of staff have worked tirelessly over the last 20+ years to support, encourage and give the children of Kimberley Primary & Nursery School the best education possible.  We thank them for everything they have done and wish them the best for the future.


Thank you Mrs Gill and Mrs Osbourne, you will be sadly missed.

Junior Leadership Team Elections - 19.7.17

Elections took place in exactly the same style as our country holds elections and the successful candidates were announced today.  It really was a close competition and it illustrated to the children just how important it is to use your vote.


Our new Junior Leadership Team are:

Head Girl: Alannah

Head Boy: Harry

Deputy Head Girl: Jessica

Deputy Head Boy: George


                                                                   Well done to the successful candidates.

Year 6 visit Scarborough - 19.7.17

Year 6 celebrated the end of their time at Kimberley by visiting Scarborough on Wednesday 19th July.  They visited the castle, ate fish and chips on the beach, played on the sand and paddled in the sea.  Before their journey home they had time for an ice cream and a bit of shopping for rock!  It was a truly wonderful day which both staff and children enjoyed thoroughly. A big thanks to Mrs Caulton who volunteered to help on the trip.


Good luck for the future Year 6 - we shall miss you.

Election Update - 18.7.17

This morning, all the children who are standing for election for the Junior Leadership Team 2017-18, spoke in front of the school to present themselves and all that they stood for.  Despite their nerves, they gave an excellent and confident performance.  Their speeches and photos are now in the playground for the children to read before election day tomorrow.  Well done to all the candidates on putting themselves forward.

Elections - 14.7.17

These are the most important elections this year!


On Tuesday, Mrs Wilde and the School Council are holding elections for our Junior Leadership Team for 2017-18.  The children will be voting just as we do in our national and local elections.  Hustings will be held and votes cast - the candidates that are standing will have their speeches and photos on display in the playground.  Please take the time to have a look - we have some children who will go on to change the world!

Exciting Playground Developments  - 12.7.17

We’re delighted to announce, that we’ve further improved our outdoor learning environment with resources that will develop children’s physical ability and fine motor skills.

Our new development includes a challenging Log Frame Climber which will help build children’s climbing confidence, overall strength and hand to eye coordination.

We have also added an excellent range of playground markings that will inspire active play. These include targets, hopscotch designs and even snakes and ladders.

To help children keep score of these activities, we included mark making score boards. This will naturally develop the children’s writing skills and mathematical thinking as they keep scores.

Moreover, we installed a wonderful Damming Station to promote messy play and teamwork. The children will need work in teams to try and stop the flow of water.

We worked with Pentagon Play on this project and highly recommend them to any school looking to develop their outdoor area. You can visit their website here –

Police visit Rufford and Bramcote classes - 11.7.17

As part of their topic on People Who Help Us, Bramcote and Rufford classes got to see police cars and police dogs today. Sargent Wilson told them all about how the police work and the children got the chance to try out the sirens and sit inside the car.  


The children were so interested and excited and, once again, they asked excellent questions.


There are more photographs on the class pages.


Fire Engine Visits Rufford and Bramcote classes - 10.7.17

Rufford and Bramcote classes had the chance to meet real-life firefighters and explore a fire engine today as part of their topic on People Who Help Us.  They had a great time and asked excellent questions.


There are more photographs on the class pages.

Winners!  23.6.17

We nominated our Junior Leadership Team alongside School Council in a competition to win a Linx touchscreen computer run by our computer support service, ATOM.  


We were thrilled when we found out today that they had won! This now gives them the chance to have a computer that they can use to run their events, design posters, keep a track of their fundraising and have a dedicated email address for them to contact companies who can support them in their enterprize schemes.  Mrs Wilde was thrilled as they will no longer have to borrow her laptop at meetings and the team were excited not to have to decamp to the IT room to work on one of the desktop computers to record their minutes of meetings.


A huge thank you to ATOM from us all.

Sports Day - 22.6.17

We experienced a wide range of weather during out Sports Day but we stuck with the small downfall and carried on through, ending the event in bright sunshine.


It was a great afternoon filled with competitive spirit, determination, resilience, team support and, above all, fun!  The children cheered on their team members and Red team were the overall winners.  


The toddlers' race was magical and the parents and teachers' races competitive.  


Thank you to mrs Thompson who organised the event, our governors, mrs Gray and Mr Kelly, our midday supervisors, mrs Frost, Mrs Birkin and Mrs Ward and our grandparent helper, mrs Wiggington whol volunteered to support us.  We couldn't have done it without them.

Hot Weather update - Monday 19th June

As the forecast is for temperatures of 28 degrees plus tomorrow, please ensure that your child comes to school with a water bottle, hat and sunscreen applied.  They may also bring sunscreen to school for their own use.  In addition, they may wear their school PE kit instead of uniform but please no open toed sandals or flip flops as these can be very unsafe in the playground.  We will be encouraging the children to play in the shaded areas over lunchtime and drink plenty of water during the day.


Film club will also be cancelled as we will be unable to keep the temperature of the hall down in the afternoon.

Top Table Lunch - 16.6.17

Some of our Silver Award winners enjoyed lunch on our Top Table today - they felt like they were dining in style!  Well done to all our children who have achieved this reward so far this year.

Hot Chocolate Friday - 16.6.17

Sophie and Hayden were our first two Gold 1 Award winners and they enjoyed a Hot Chocolate with me today.  It was a very pleasant way to spend Friday break with two excellent ambassadors for our school.

Hunter the Dinosaur visits Kimberley - 15.6.17

Hunter the Sinraptor and his handler  came to see us today - we learnt lots about Sinraptors: how large they grew; how many teeth they had; what kind of food they ate; why they had lumps on their skin - the list of facts was endless!  The children were in awe at the fact that, fully grown, Hunter would be as wide as our hall and as tall as the ceiling.  There were many excellent questions asked and the children thoroughly enjoyed his visit. 


Hunter came from the 'Dinosaurs of China - Groundshakers to Feathrered Flyers' exhibition which is on at Wollaton Hall from the 1st July to the end of October.  Many of the children were hoping to visit the exhibition and have brought home a flyer tonight.


If you wish to find out more, please visit Dinosaurs of China

KS1 Football Festival - 14.6.17

Some of our Key Stage 1 children had the opportunity to take part in the Eastwood and District KS1 Football Festival this afternoon and they certainly showed that they are a team to be reckoned with!  They won every one of their matches and showed great determination, resilience and kind behaviour.  Well done to all those children who took part, you are great ambassadors for our school.

Sports Activities - 26.5.17

The children have had a variety of sports coaches working with them and their teachers over the last half term.  Years 3, 4 and 5 have had squash lessons on Mondays, and basketball on Thursdays. Year 1 and 2 have had gymnastics on Tuesdays and hockey on Fridays.  We have also had a variety of children attending the basketball, hockey and gymnastics after school clubs.  We are looking forward to another half term where they get to improve their skills further.


During lunchtimes on Thursdays, the children also have the opportunity to take part in our lunchtime basketball sessions or play table tennis.  If you have any sporting skills and enthusiasm and would like to volunteer to run a lunchtime session once a week, please let us know. It would involve an hour playing games with our lovely children such as skipping sessions, ball skills, parachute games and obstacle courses.

Fundraising School Disco - 25.5.17

Our parent friends group ran a great disco last night, the children certainly had a good time.  The drinks and sweets went down well and there was some great dancing.


Thanks to all the parents who organised and helped out, thanks to their efforts, £162 was raised to support the children's activities in school.

Seaside Lunch - 17.5.17

The children dressed for a day at the seaside today and enjoyed a seaside lunch of fish and chips sat on blankets while listening to many different seaside tunes.


The day was given a big thumbs up by all the children who said 'It was the best lunch EVER!'


Watch out for more themed lunches later in the summer term.

Tuesday - Kingswood Day 4 - 17.5.17

The children were up early, packing and tidying their rooms ready for the last dormatory inspection before they began their morning activities.


With their cases packed, they embarked upon a problem solving followed by Drum Jam.  The weather hasn't been kind to them but it doesn't appear to have damped their spirits or enthusiam.  They will be setting off from Kingswood at approximately 1.30 pm and we hope to have them back at school by 2.15 - 2.30pm.

Tuesday - Kingswood Day 3 - 16.5.17

After another good night's sleep, the children woke to find that the weather wasn't too pretty again today but they were in good spirits.


 Climbing was the first activity of the day and the children showed that they were up to the challenge by both climbing the wall and belaying for each other.  They went on to find their way around the site during their orienteering activity and then gathered in the canteen to have another delicious lunch.


Following lunch, the children had either Aeroball or Laser Tag and then went on to develop their team skills further during a Team Tech session.  Fencing was the final session of the day.


Mrs Turner-Rowe arrived just in time for tea and disco preparations.  The children looked fantastic and were all ready to boogy in plenty of time.  They will sleep well tonight!


The competition to find the two tidest and cleanest dormatories is very close, many children had folded their clothes and made their beds so well, it was difficult to find fault!


They are all looking forward to their final morning and seeing their families tomorrow afternoon.

Monday - Kingswood Day 2 - 15.5.17

After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast, next on the menu was a spot of canoeing - in the rain!

Some of the group enjoyed a game of Laser Tag, others, Aeroball and then everyone took part in Bushcraft.


Mrs Turner-Rowe arrived just in time to watch  the children climb a 5 metre pole and then jump off the top to try and catch a trapeeze - including Mr Moss and Mrs Wilde. So many of them showed their bravery and reslience as their friends cheered them on.


Room inspections took place and the children have shown that they can make their own beds, tidy their bathrooms and hang up towels (although this did take a bit of encouragement).  The competition is on - which rooms will win the 'Tidest of the Week' award?


Following a delicious tea of lasagne or chicken followed by fruit and a donut, the group went off to have a go at a team challenge and will finish the night off with a film organised by Miss Batten.


Sunday - Kingswood Day 1 - 14.5.17

After a slight detour, we have finally arrived!  Time to quickly unpack and make our beds before heading to dinner.  Then time for our campfire.



Superhero Day - 5.5.17 - EYFS

Superheroes were here to save the day as our EYFS children and team came to school ready to protect us all from dasterdly villians and raise lots of money for 'Cash for Kids.'  


They raised a fantastic £102.00 for charities in the East Midlands.


Well done everyone!

Greek Day - 19.4.17

Rushcliffe and Newstead classes began their new topic with a Greek Day.  Many of the children had come dressed as Ancient Greeks (thank you to all the dedicated costume makers at home) and had great fun making shields, tasting Greek foods and hosting a mini Olympics.


They had a fantastic day and are keen to learn more about the Ancient Greek lifestyles.

Mother's Day Assembly - 24.3.17

We celebrated Mother's Day by inviting Bramcote, Clumber and Sherwood mums or other significant female into school in order to sing some songs, say some lovely things and present the person who had come to watch with a lovely card and gift.  


We had a fantastic turnout and it was an event that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. 

Comic Relief 2017 - 24.3.17

Kimberley Primary and Nursery School raised a massive




Our children were sponsored today, by friends and family, to come to school and not use any pencils or pens even though they were still taking part in lessons. Everyone in school has risen to the challenge.  There were lots of co-operative maths projects, an outside maths quiz, Rushcliffe class performed their Dream Giver stories that they have been working on to the rest of their class, Sherwood have been looking at capacity, Bramcote made pictures using objects - it really has been a fabulous and interactive day. 


We did come up against one major problem though!  If any children managed to work really well and display an excellent attitude, they moved up onto the star in their classroom.  They realised they couldn't write their name on their star to go on our display.  These children decided to cut the letters out of old newspapers and stick them on instead - problem solving at its best!


Our children really do realise how lucky they are to have the chance to come to school - it is estimated that 100 million children don't have access to education around the world - we know that the money we have raised will support those children in the UK and around the world that really aren't as lucky as us.


 Well done everybody and thank you for all the cakes!

Reading Millionaires - 20.3.17

Newstead Class became the first group to become Reading Millionaires this week as their word count passed the 1,00,000 mark.  They really have had their heads in their books.  Well done to everyone, the rest of the school are hot on your heels!

World Maths Day - Maths Open Morning - 8.3.17

This morning (8.3.17) we spent our time tackling some tricky maths problems.  The classes were mixed up and they moved around solving different problems in different classrooms.  It was great to see the older and younger pupils working together, showing resilience, creativity and curiousity when looking at a variety of mathematical puzzles.  


The first hour of the morning also saw many parents and carers working with their children and having a look around school.  

World Book Day 2.3.17

Following last week's introduction to World Book Day, the children used World Book Day to talk about their favourite bedtime stories and the pleasure of losing themselves in a book before settling down for the night.  With this in mind, we came to school dressed in our pyjamas and onesies - even the staff. 

Children's Author and The Roving Bookshop visit Kimberley - 23.2.17

Jane Clarke, author of children's books such as 'I saw Anaconda,' 'Shadow Puppet,' 'Gilbert the Hero' and 'Dinosaur Cove' (which she writes under the pseudonym - Rex Stone, visited school today to talk to the children about being an author, finding inspiration and performing your creations.  She really was inspirational and everybody in school thoroughly enjoyed her company.  The Roving Bookshop was also in school and children were able to use their World Book Day Tokens to purchase Jane's books (which she kindly signed for them) or another book (including the £1 books that were published just for this year's book day).  We are thrilled that EVERY child went home with a book today that they could read or share with their families. 

Safer Internet Day - week beginning 6.2.17

The children have been thinking about ways to keep them safe online this week and have taken part in a number of lessons and discussions around this.  


If you would like advice and guidance on how to support your child please visit:


National Storytelling Week - Week beginning 30.1.17

Our week long focus on reading as part of National Storytelling Week is having a great impact across our school and our families.  Our children have taken part in a variety of initiatives to encourage reading for pleasure across the school this week.  Monday afternoon saw the whole school share books together, with older and younger children reading and sharing their favourite books and stories.  Parents were welcomed into school on Wednesday morning where they were able to read with their children in school and see the high quality texts we have available.  Our new Accelerated Reader scheme has really excited the children as they enjoy undertaking quizzes on the books they have read and keeping track of their word counts - they are amazed by just how many words they read!  Activities are continuing all week, please find some time to share the magic of reading with your child.

Be Safe, Be Seen - Junior Leadership Team lead assembly

Our Junior Leadership Team led an assembly today on how to stay safe when outside during the darker mornings and evenings.  They talked confidently about the reasons for wearing high visability clothing, rucksacks and using the correct lights for bikes.  


They also introduced a competition to design a poster to promote 'Be safe, be seen.'  The winning entry will have their design made into a school poster to be displayed around the school and their photograph and design announced in the newsletter and on our website.  We all look forward to seeing the children's designs.

Happy New Year!   5.1.17






Welcome back.  The children have been very keen to share their Christmas stories and experiences, it has been lovely to listen to their excited chatter and to see how much they have enjoyed being back at school with their friends.


Following our INSET day on Wednesday the staff  have been talking with the children about what a Kimberley Primary and Nursery School pupil looks like in terms of behaviour, attitude, uniform, being ready to learn and ready for school.  It has been really interesting and thought provoking to hear their responses and thoughts.  Please take the time to talk to them about what we are doing at school to make sure that we are all being the best that we can be.

Christmas Week at Kimberley - productions, parties, jumpers, lunch and disco!

What a busy week we've had - we began with our Early Years' Nativity Production (Rufford and Bramcote classes)  - the children were fantastic.  Lovely singing, loud voices and super acting - enough to bring a tear to everyone's eye in the way a good school nativity should.  


It was followed by Key Stage 1's Nativity (Clumber and Sherwood classes).  The children spoke clearly and confidently, the costumes looked the part, the singing was lovely and, once again, there was an air of pride and emotion in the school hall from all who watched.


Christmas Jumper Day added to the festive cheer when we had our whole school Christmas lunch.  The staff had a lovely time eating with the children and sharing cracker jokes and wearing their party hats.  It truly was a lovely lunchtime.


Our Carol concert was held this afternoon and, once again, the children spoke clearly and with so much confidence.  The singing was lovely and everyone who came to see it was full of praise.


The Christmas disco was, as always, a frantic affair, dancing, jiving, playing and just having a good time with friends is what this is all about as well as raising funds for much needed equipment at school to support our children.  Thank you to our PTA - this event raised £176.48


Some parties have taken place but Clumber, Sherwood, Rushcliffe, Newstead and Wollaton have theirs next week.


We are all Christmased out!

Thought of the Week

Our Thought of the Week has sparked many discussions over the last term.  The children have enjoyed our Monday assemblies where we start off by introducing and exploring our thought and then they are given time in class to discuss and respond further.  Many of the themes displayed link to British Values. We have had a changeable display, in the entrance hall, where the children's viewpoints are displayed; if you are in school, please feel free to drop in and see our budding philospher's thoughts.

Fire Service visit school 8.12.16

The fire service visited school yesterday - the year 1 and 2 children enjoyed every minute.  Thank you to Nottinghamshire Fire Service for providing our children with this opportunity to see such an amazingly complex, life-saving vehicle up close!

YMCA visit school and bring along a climbing wall!  7.12.16

The YMCA visited school today to tell the children about an exciting project run called the 'Adventure Guides.'  This project is run to enable families to experience activites which are designed to strengthen the bonds between children and parents - these are free.  There are opportunities to climb, camp and have fun.  If you would like more inforamtion, please click the Adventure Guides picture to be taken to their website.


They also brought along a climbing wall and an archery set - the children in years 3,4 and 6 were able to take part and they showed us just how determined and resilient they all were.  Well done!  Year 5 were unable to take part this time due to their swimming lesson.

Christmas Fayre - 2.12.16

The children used their business start-up loans wisely and created some wonderful things to sell at our Christmas Fayre.  Each class began with £20 to purchase any materials or prizes they needed and then planned, made and sold their goods.  We had hand-made wrapping paper, gift tags, tea-light jars, marshmallows dipped in chocolate, reindeer dust - the list was endless and the competitive spirit high.  This was some great business enterprise shown and many of the children really went for the hard sell!  The classes alone turned their total start up loan of £140 into £530 - after their loans were paid back, they made a profit of £390 for the school fund!  Well done Kimberley. 


The Friends of Kimberley also sold cakes, coffee, ran a raffle and a tombola and of course, welcomed Santa who had come to visit the children.  Huge thanks for all their hard work over the last few weeks.  The raffle will be drawn next week (8.12.16) as tickets are still in demand.  Total amount raised will be known next week and published in the newsetter.


Thank you to everyone who supported this event by coming, donating and supporting us all.  A true Kimberley Family event.

Book Fair  30/11/16 & 1/2/16

Thank you to everyone who visited our 'half price book fair'. We made a whopping £581 in 2 days and received £58 worth of free books for school.

Singing for the local Pensioners - 30/11/16


School choir and some KS2 children entertained the local pensioners by singing their favourite Christmas and Young Voices songs in the local town hall.

Anti-bullying Week - 18/11/16

There has been lots of discussion, drama, activities and thinking done over the week about the way we treat each other and deal with problems we may have.  Our Thought of the Week gave a lot of opportunities to discuss and think about why we may have secrets and when they aren’t good to keep.  Many children came to the conclusion that, if a secret had the potential to or was hurting someone in some way, it was not something that should be kept.  We have a very strong Anti-Bullying policy and Behaviour Policy – if you would like to see these, they are under the policies section on our website.  As always, if you have any concerns or worries about your child or anything else, please contact us.

Spare Change for Children in Need - 17.11.16

We asked everyone to dig deep for Children in Need this year by sending in their spare change instead of a standard donation.  We had, literally, thousands of coins!  Each class had a go at making Pudsey out of coins on the playground and in the classrooms; they had great fun!  It has taken a while to count up the coins but we have a grand total of:




We will need a wheelbarrow to take it to the bank! Thanks to everyone who donated, the Junior Leadership Team who started off the epic counting marathon and the School Council who suggested the idea. 

Panto Visit - 16.11.16

The children had a treat today, all paid for by our wonderful, fundraising committee; the panto visited Kimberley!  It truly was a spectacular performance which was enjoyed by all our children, from nursery right through to Year6.  A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts and made this a day to remember for our school.

Remembrance Day - 11am - 11.11.16


During assembly, we talked about the significance of the poppy and how the purchase of it supports those who have been affected by war around our country.  We also learnt that the poppy design is different in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.


At 11am, the whole school community  held a minutes silence to remember all those who have lost their lives fighting for their country. 


Divali - Family Craft Morning 9.11.16

Our families spent time together in school this week during our Divali Craft Morning and it was truly lovely to see everyone working together making, sticking, cutting, drawing and creating.  Thank you to everyone who was able to make this event.

Governor and Head Teacher coffee morning - Thursday 10th November


Next Thursday (10th November) Governors and myself will be available to meet and have a chat over coffee and a cake.  This will run from 8.45 am until 9.15 am.  Please feel free to drop in once your children have gone into school.



Governors will be going on to spend the morning in school to monitor all the actions we are taking to improve our school even further.

Harvest Festival 21.10.16

Reverend Barbara came in to lead our Harvest Assembly today (21.10.16).  She spoke about the importance of sharing what we have with those who have less - a valuable reminder for us all.  The children listened attentively and with respect and sang their hearts out! Thank you to everyone for the generous donations of food which we will be delivering to Eastwood Foodbank so that it can go to those in our community with the greatest need.

 Halloween Disco raises £300!  20.10.16

It was a spooky evening of fun for children and parents who attended our PTA's Halloween disco.  The costumes were amazing - it was difficult to recognise our pupils!  Thank you to everyone who organised this event - we've raised £300 which will go towards paying for our new playground markings.  Play leaders will be using these to run sports activities at lunchtime before Christmas.  

Attendance Matters

Attendance Assembly - 20th October 2016


We had a rather long assembly today which celebrated not only our weekly attendance winners but also all those children who have attended school for 95% or more of the last half term; they all received certificates.  There were a LOT of children!  Congratulations to everyone who has managed this – you’ve all contributed to improving our whole school attendance by 1.6% on the same time period last year.  Our school attendance is 96.2% - this is in line with the national average – let’s keep it up! 


All our classes who achieved 95% or more over the term have also been awarded a prize – a £5 voucher to save up for a class treat at the end of the year.  The more they get, the bigger the treat!


The children who achieved their Gold Attendance Certificate for 100% attendance  (up to Thursday 20th October) this half term are:











Samuel. G.












































Logan. S




Ryan. H.






Ryan. R.





Jack. B.









Jack. T.


Meet our new Junior Leadership Team - democracy in action

Democracy was in full swing at school this week when we held our Head Girl and Head Boy elections.  Fourteen of our Year 6 childen stood for election which shows just how interested our children are in representing others and having a say in what happens in school.  They all spoke clearly and with a complete belief in themselves and we were very proud of them all.  Across the school, the children voted and our Junior Leadership Team is as follows:

Head Girl:  Skye

Head Boy: Kaiden

Deputy Head Girl: Leah

Deputy Head Boy: Tyler


Congratulations to them all and we look forward to their first meeting with the school council.  We can't wait to see what priorities they have for the year.

News from our football team

Our football team were celebrating success on Wednesday night with a 3:0 WIN against local rivals Hollywell Primary School.  They've been training hard during their after-school football sessions with Mrs Garner and Mrs Bingham and we are very proud of them all.


Well done and good luck for your next match!

Learning Project Homework

We've had some excellent homework returned over the last week - it is obvious from the quality and quantity how much the children have enjoyed doing this work.  They couldn't have done it without the support from home - thank you for making this such a quality learning experience for them.

Jeans for Genes

The children and staff were showing off their denim today (Friday 23rd September) to raise money for Jeans for Genes day.  From the youngest children in the nursery to the oldest in Year 6, they proudly wore their jeans and jackets to help raise money for this very worthy charity.  A fantastic £162.52 was raised to support children living with genetic disorders. 


Thank you for all your support.

Welcome back!

It is my pleasure to welcome you all back as the new headteacher at Kimberley Primary and Nursery School. 


It is lovely to see the children looking smart and ready to learn.  We have had a really settled start to the year and the children have responded well to some of the changes that have been made.  Our new behaviour policy has been explained to the children and there is a short overview in their home-school diary.  Many of them have made an excellent start on working towards their first Bronze Award.  


You may have noticed a change in our morning welcome. Children will now be lining up on the playground in their class lines once the whistle has been blown.  We will be back to normal in terms of school entrances next week so this should make it easier.  The whistle is blown at 8:40am and children should be in class ready to learn at 8:45am