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Kimberley Primary School

Lunch Menus

The dinners that are served are all freshly cooked on the premises and they are of an excellent standard. The children are able to choose from a wide variety of main courses and desserts over a three week period. The menus change every 6 months. The current menu our cook is following is below.  


The cost of a school dinner is:


£2.30 per day or £11.50 for a full week


We now use an online payment system for our school meals. If you have not already registed an account with Squid, please request a Registration Letter from the school office.


Your child's Squid account must be in credit before a lunch is ordered.  There is no overdraft facility on the account.


Universal Free School Meals and Pupil Premium Funding


Since September 2014 all our children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have received free school meals under the Universal Free School Meals scheme. 


If you are entitled to claim free school meals on financial grounds (due to receiving certain qualifying benefits) we would urge to to apply even if your child young enough to benefit from the universal infant free school meal scheme.  This is because it has a direct impact on funding available to the school to support your child's learning. 


There is additional 'pupil premium funding' paid to the school and this is calculated by looking at a number of factors, including the number of children who are eligible to receive free school meals on financial grounds. 


You can register for free school meals using a simple online form.


Further information about free school meals can be found on the Nottinghamshire County Council website.  In addition, please see letter below for more information.

Further information about school meals can be found on the Nottinghamshire County Council website.