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Rhino (Y4)

Class Rhino

My name is Mr Houseman and it is my second year at KPS. I have been a teacher for 6 years and have worked in another school in the East Midland Educational Trust. This year, Class Rhino  will be  supported by  Mrs Phiminster.

Why Class Rhino?

This year we've chosen to name our classes after endangered animals. This fits with our continued work being a Rights Respecting School, where we not only strive to improve the rights within our school and community, but also the wider world. 


Class read

Our book this half term is SPACE BAND!

George, Neila and Bash are the worst band on Earth. George wants them to be brilliant - but Neila has stage fright, and Bash is too distracted by his obsession with stars, aliens and faraway planets. But what they lack in talent and confidence, they make up for in heart.

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