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Kimberley Primary School

Sensory, Physical and Medical Needs

Sensory, Medical and Physical Needs Provision:


Our teaching, staffing and the configuration of the building have been carefully adapted to include children with sensory difficulties, physical disabilities and medical needs, including the addition of a sensory room for children needing sensory provision.


  • Our staff are trained in sensory needs and provision. We offer sensory assessments and our children have access to our sensory room and nurture room.
  • Our building is on one level and wheelchair accessible.  We have a disabled toilet with changing plinth.  Our staff are trained in personal care and handling. 
  • Members of the KPS staff team have undergone in depth training by diabetic nurses to administer care and monitor children throughout the school day.
  • We cater for children with feeding and medication tubes and have undergone training in the administration and care of these.
  • We work closely with NHS health professionals 
  • Our staff team administer physiotherapy interventions and work closely with the NHS team
  • We can refer to the PDSS (physical disability service) for additional support and access to specialist, bespoke resources.