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Special Education Needs (SEN)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities do well. The special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) is knowledgeable and ambitious for these pupils. Pupils’ needs are fully understood by staff. Written plans set out what pupils should be able to do and the help that they should receive. The SENCo carries out regular checks to make sure that these plans are working as they should. The help that staff provide is well tailored to support pupils effectively in their learning.



Mr Beresford is our new Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO) who will be supported in his induction as SENDCO by Helen Bray who is KPS's previous SENDCO and current EMET Director for SEND. The role of SENCDO is to co-ordinate provision and to ensure that the school's Special Needs Policy meets the requirements laid down in the law. 


We have 9 teaching assistants who work across the school in various ways to support the work of the class teachers by working alongside them to prepare and deliver activities which are designed to meet the children's individual needs.


It is our school policy to regard every child as a unique and important individual who must be encouraged to learn in his or her own way and to reach their full potential at their own pace. In our school we have children with a variety of special needs. Some may have difficulty with academic studies. Others may have physical needs. Occasionally children need help and support with their behaviour or with integrating socially with their peers. In all cases we take our role of helping, supporting and including these children very seriously.


At Kimberley Primary School we follow the SEND code of practice. We believe strongly that our Special Needs system is a tool for raising attainment. We are very keen and active in using it to raise a child's attainment back into line with national expectations wherever possible. We also operate a number of target groups for children who just need a short term boost, but who do not need to go on the SEND Register. We have strong links with the Support Services and they work alongside our SENDCO and teachers to support children with particular needs.


If your child does need to be placed on the special needs register we will endeavour to contact you and 'put you in the picture'. You will also be invited to any review meetings that we have about your child. We believe that all our children should be valued equally and encouraged to have a positive self-image. From time to time many children will encounter difficulties in their schoolwork and in order to help these children in the best possible way we have a Special Needs Policy, which caters for all children and ensures that any work they do is matched to their needs. Children are continually assessed and changes made to their individual/group programmes where necessary.



We aim to deliver a creative, stimulating and exciting curriculum in a variety of ways to engage all pupils with different learning styles and needs. We provide a stimulating learning environment throughout Kimberley Primary that supports and reflects the curriculum being covered from Foundation 1 to Year 6.  When specific curriculum adaptations and reasonable adjustments are necessary for individuals, relevant staff will attend training sessions as necessary and on some occasions, an individualised curriculum created.




The SEND policy is available to download on our policies page and outlines the criteria for a child receiving Special Needs support. We are firmly committed to raising the attainment of all our children from the least to the most able.


Find out more about the Young Persons Guide to the Children and Families Bill which became law in September 2014


Further information about SEND is also available on the Nottinghamshire County Council website.


A full breakdown of our SEND provision is available in our Local Offer document, found on this page.  This is also available on the Notts Local Offer webpage: SEND Local Offer | Notts Help Yourself (