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Turtle Class (Y6)

Welcome to Turtle Class


My name is Mrs Stevenson and I am the class teacher for Year 6.


Mrs Smith and Mrs Howarth also work in our class to support the children in preparing for their SATS. 


I am really looking forward to the year ahead and I know Turtle Class will work really hard to reach their goals and also fully embrace the wider curriculum.




Why Turtle class?

This year we've chosen to name our classes after an endangered species. 


Here are some of things the children found out about sea turtles on our transition days:

- They always look like they are crying because of the tear ducks they have to protect their eyes from salt water.

- Marine turtles are often called "ancient warriors of the sea"

- Turtles have no teeth

- Turtles eat jellyfish

- Turtles belong to one of the oldest reptile groups in the world, dating back to the time of the dinosaurs

- Turtles have different shells depending on their diet


This half-term's class read ...