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The teaching and learning of History enriches children’s natural enquiry skills. History allows children to foster a keen appreciation of the world that has gone before them.  It not only broadens the children’s knowledge and understanding about the past, but it also enhances and supports their learning in other curriculum areas.


The drivers at the heart of our curriculum are Creativity, Possibilities and Diversity. These underpin our History curriculum and ensure we give our pupils a range of appropriate and ambitious curriculum opportunities. The historical aspects we have chosen for study reflect these drivers.


The history curriculum has been built within 4 main Threshold Concepts:

  • Investigating and interpreting the past
  • Building an overview of world history
  • Understanding chronology
  • Communicating historically

Our History curriculum is sequenced through ‘Milestones’. The Milestones clearly set out the learning expected at each phase.  Within each of the Threshold Concepts the Milestones become increasingly sophisticated as the knowledge, skills and understanding grow and progress with age.


Learning opportunities for the children are provided through a variety of methods and media, including drama, role play, IT, presentations, and research. 


The History curriculum has been designed to be tightly structured and accessible to all.  All children will:

  • Enjoy learning about the past and will develop an understanding of how the past has influenced the present. 
  • Develop a sense of chronology so they can organise their understanding of the past.
  • Have opportunities for investigation and learning using a wide range of sources and information.
  • Learn how to distinguish between historical facts and interpretation.
  • Have opportunities to develop their skills of enquiry, analysis and investigation.
  • Learn about the key events in the history of their own country and the world.
  • Develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through the study of past societies.


By giving children the opportunity to explore and research the actions of people and events in the past, they are able to develop their own ideas, beliefs and values.