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Our PE curriculum design is skills based (derived from the national curriculum) and aims to ensure that children leave Kimberley Primary School (KPS) with the physical and emotional skills required to access not only subject specific future learning but also prepare them to face competitive and challenge situations.


To do this children are repeatedly taught skills that are refined over multiple years. Children are also introduced to and encourage to take part in competitive activity involving winning, losing and tactics with the aim of developing resilience and good sportsmanship.


The selection of external delivery and demonstration of sport related opportunities are undertaken with the aim of making the schools children more aware of the wider world and develop their aspirations.


For more information about how we allocate our PE funding and the results of our most recent parent and pupil surveys please click the link below.

Sport at KPS

KPS PE Curriculum Intent & Skills Progression Plan

The document outlines our curriculum intent, coverage and the progression of skills that will be taught to and developed by children throughout their time at KPS. Our PE curriculum is skills based with children regularly taught new skills and provided with opportunities to further develop existing skills through specific sports.


Planning Exemplar

The planning exemplar is a model unit for PE planning at KPS. Each unit should take place over approximalty 6 sessions and see teaching, recaping, practice and implimentation of the skills outlined with the progression plan. Individual lessons should begin with a dymnatic warm up (non static activity) moving into to teaching, assessment and practice/implimentation of skills in activites or games.