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This is one of the most important aspects of school life. If together, we get the relationship between home and school right and it is much more likely that your children will have both a happy and successful time here at Kimberley Primary School. We believe that parents and carers have a key role to play in our children's education and the expectations of all parties is set out the Education Partnership Agreement.


You may ask to see the teachers at any time rather than waiting until parents evening. They are always happy to talk about your child. It is best to make an appointment to see them so that they can prepare for the meeting and they are not teaching.


The head teacher or deputy head teachers will be in the playground most mornings before school and sometimes after school too. This is an ideal time to pass on any short messages. If you need to talk to the head teacher for longer about more private matters, it is much better to make an appointment to see her at another time.


There will also be times when we need to speak to you about your child for any number of different reasons. This may be through a telephone call, text, e mail or a face to face. Please try to work with us all the time because, in doing so, we can ensure a more positive outcome for everyone and in all matters.



A newsletter will be produced each Friday and it will contain important information, dates and news.  We aim to put everything together, on one letter, to ensure that you do not have too many pieces of information in a week.  We send this out by email to ensure that everyone receives it. In addition, they are placed on the website each week.  


Information evenings


Sometimes we host information evenings for you to attend. These are always based around a specific area of learning and often for a specific group of children. The curriculum is ever changing and the methods that we use to teach the children are constantly evolving and that is why we run these sessions. They help you to learn in much greater depth what your child experiences in school every day. Naturally this helps you to support your child in their learning much more. If you are invited to attend a session then please make every effort to attend. I know that you will find them very worthwhile.  You will be notified of when these events take place via letters or email.  They are also advertised on this website and in our newsletters.  Once scheduled, details of events will appear in our calendar.


School Reading Diary


Your children will each have a school Reading Diary. .  Children are expected to be reading for at least 15 minutes per day.  It is important that you sign the diary to say that they have done this and you have heard them read.  In addition, teachers may pass on messages in this book and you may write short messages in for them - this is particularly useful if you are unable to get into school and you want to pass on some information.  Please ensure that you tell your child that there is a message and to show their teacher.  


Information Noticeboard


This contains copies of current newsletters and notices and can be found either in the school entrance lobby or on the outside of the school building by the main school gate.




We communicate to our parents by text and email using our email service in a majority of cases. If your email address or mobile number changes, it is important to ensure that you let us know immediately so that we can update our details.


Visiting Arrangements


Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time. Personal arrangements can be made between individual parents and the Head Teacher to visit the school, please telephone 0115 9385050 or call in at the school office to arrange a convenient time. You are welcome into school at any time. Where possible, we will try to see you straightaway but in some cases it may be necessary to make an appointment for later on that same day or another.


Parents' Evenings and Reports


We hold Parents' Evenings which provide an opportunity for parents to see and discuss their child's work with the class teacher. Parents will also be told how their child is progressing and how they can support that progress. Formal Parents' Evenings will be held in the Autumn and Spring terms and there will be an informal drop-in evening in the Summer following the publication of your child's school report.


We also issue parents of children in Years 1-6 with a school report.  Reports will be sent out in July of each year.  There is a chance for parents to feedback about the content of the report a few days after they have received it.