Welcome to Kimberley Primary & Nursery School - where creativity, diversity and possibilities are at the heart of our curriculum.

Kimberley Primary School


Curriculum drivers (creativity, possibilities and diversity) shape our science curriculum and ensures we give our pupils appropriate and ambitious curriculum opportunities.


  • Creativity – through planning, variety of teaching methods, horizontal links across subjects


  • Possibilities – learning about significant scientists and the impact of science on the world.  Promoting the understanding of the importance of science and the benefits of the skills developed when studying science, such as empowering children to develop a sense of curiosity about natural phenomena.


  • Diversity –learning about significant people and events. Learning that an education in science provides the foundation for a range of diverse and valuable careers that are crucial for economic, environmental and social development. We incorporate opportunities to see ‘scientists’ and exposure to the diversity of science-related careers.  Empowering students with the idea that they can be scientists if they chose to be.