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Pupil Voice

Junior Leadership Team 2021-2022

Hustings 2021-22

Pupils help shape the way that the school operates. They are proud of their roles as school councillors, members of the junior leadership team and the ‘KPS Crew’. The sports crew leads games and activities for younger pupils. They do this with care and compassion.






Junior Leadership Team 2021-22


Elections took place in exactly the same style as our country holds elections and the successful candidates were announced in September.  It really was a close competition and it illustrated to the children just how important it is to use your vote.


Our Junior Leadership Team are:

Head Girl: Ava

Head Boy: Brodie 

Deputy Head Girl: Abbie

Deputy Head Boy: Ollie


Our pupil leadership team, elected by the school community meet regularly to discuss and act on a variety of issues regarding everyday school life. 


Areas of school life that they have had a major input into have included:


1. Responsible for recording and distributing minutes of meetings

2. Class newsletter updates

3. Helping to choose the kind of toys and games that are available to use at playtimes.

4. Making decisions about the rewards and incentives for the children.

5. They help to promote a clear anti-bullying message and culture

6. Organising fund raising activities that link to the school curriculum

7. Assisting in the appointment of new staff

8. Helping to keep pupils safe